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Let the platform wars begin - by @denispombriant
"Other vendors, for instance Amazon with AWS and some others, see a different need and work to meet it. But primarily providing cloud infrastructure only addresses half of the challenge and amounts to saving money. That’s a great thing but when faced with making or saving money, 10 out of 9 (I said that right) executives who are given a choice will opt for making in money over simply saving it."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Enterprise Software Platforms have underperformed - by @dealarchitect
"My relative disappointment with enterprise platforms is one reason I was one of the few analysts who was not clamoring for Workday to open up its own platform. It did last year and I hope they set ambitious goals for partners who develop on its platform – make sure they are well funded, go after massive and underserved markets across verticals and geographies."
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5 days ago by jonerp
AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM vs Oracle vs Alibaba
a detailed comparison and mapping between various cloud services
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6 days ago by geekzter
SAP: When you come to a fork in the road, Take it! - by @dealarchitect
"Even though its cloud acquisitions – SuccessFactors, Ariba, hybris, Concur etc – were not cheap, they have helped keep SAP competitive on this side of the pond. With what we have seen in the first couple of years of S/4HANA the ship is tilting back to the on-premise world. Oh sure it promises three options – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise but the public cloud option is a tiny portion of the deployments."
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11 days ago by jonerp
better than CTAS – Laurent Schneider
SQL> set autop on
SQL> var job_state varchar2(30)
SQL> declare
  n number;
  n :='IMPORT','TABLE','DB01');
  DBMS_DATAPUMP.WAIT_FOR_JOB(n, :job_state);
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
SQL> desc t3
Name                    Null?    Type
----------------------- -------- ----------------
X                       NOT NULL NUMBER
11 days ago by some_hren
Oracle Database: Solid for Now - by @dealarchitect
"When I talk to corporate buyers, I get a similar vibe of “little love” for Oracle. They constantly evaluate open-source, NoSQL, HANA and other options. But the talent, systems management tools and other “bag of tricks” they have invested in to tune the database, recover from downtime etc. keep them grounded. Having said that Oracle sometimes misreads continued commitment to the database as customer loyalty."
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12 days ago by jonerp
Ninth Circuit Doubles Down: Violating a Website’s Terms of Service Is Not a Crime | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Good news out of the Ninth Circuit: the federal court of appeals heeded EFF’s advice and rejected an attempt by Oracle to hold a company criminally liable for accessing Oracle’s website in a manner it didn’t like. The court ruled back in 2012 that merely violating a website’s terms of use is...
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13 days ago by mac
A New Report for 2018 on a Fragmented Publishing Software Market
“The publishing and media industry,” the report’s text asserts, “is slow to adopt new technology solutions, and other business segments report that IT spending dedicated to supporting legacy solutions represents between 60 and 75 percent of spending. It’s probable that legacy support costs represent at least 70 percent of IT budgets at most publishing and media companies.

“In a business environment of rapid change where technology should be positioned to help support digital transformation, this activity becomes difficult unless expenses can be freed from legacy support. Benchmarking current spending levels and understanding the impact of replacement technology and implementation models can help accelerate this process, but without shared knowledge it makes decision-making for executives very difficult.”
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15 days ago by sentinelle

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