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Oracle Java Certification Blog
Getting certified by Oracle Inc., is a great way to invest in your professional development and to help boost your career potential. IT managers know that the skills verified during the certification process are the same skills that can lead to increased productivity and enhanced staff credibility.
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yesterday by anandsoft
Introducing the Oracle MySQL Operator for Kubernetes
Oracle recently open sourced a Kubernetes operator for MySQL that makes running and managing MySQL on Kubernetes easier.

Visit to learn more.

The MySQL Operator is a Kubernetes controller that can be installed into any existing Kubernetes cluster. Once installed, it will enable users to create and manage production-ready MySQL clusters using a simple declarative configuration format. Common operational tasks such as backing up databases and restoring from an existing backup are made extremely easy. In short, the MySQL Operator abstracts away the hard work of running MySQL inside Kubernetes.
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yesterday by dlb
I see you Oracle...
can't fool me
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2 days ago by po
SaaS Matters: Key Caveats for SaaS Contracting
"In these cases, enterprises should challenge their various SaaS vendors to include the ability to scale up and down as needed during the term of the Cloud subscription agreements. That means, as usage decreases, SaaS vendors should provide the customer the ability to reduce the commitment to align with actual need at that point in the term, with a corresponding reduction of the fees or a credit towards future usage."
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8 days ago by jonerp
SAPs new ERP pricing model: Quick analysis
" In addition to Trust, I wish this team had also been given Realism as a target. As I pointed out in my recent note on Uptake, value in software has been moving away from transaction processing to intelligence and analytics. Not sure the exchange/conversion values reflect the fact that ERP functionality pricing should have steadily declined over the last few decades. In a world where machines are doing more of the work at the front end of so many processes, improving quality of data etc. why should you continue to pay for (often duplicative) work by your ERP system at the back end of that process at the same rate you did a while ago?"
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9 days ago by jonerp
Oracle Patches Spectre for Red Hat | Linux Journal
Red Hat's Spectre remediation currently requires new microcode for a complete fix, which leaves most x86 processors vulnerable as they lack this update. Oracle has released new retpoline kernels that completely remediate Meltdown and Spectre on all compatible CPUs, which I show how to install and test on CentOS here.
Oracle  RedHat  RedHat_Linux  Spectre  CPU  Linux_Journal 
10 days ago by GameGamer43

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