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If COVID-19 is our first taste of international cooperation after American hegemony, we're in real trouble - Lawyers, Guns & Money
In either case, the idea is that we move from “monopolistic” to “oligopolistic” international management. Recent developments do not bode well for this shift. In principle, COVID-19 is ripe for such management. There’s a history of recent coordinated global action on disease, the threat has a high “human security” component, and while there are opportunities for relative gains the fact is that the kind of economic downturn we’re looking at will be bad for everyone. But, instead, oligopolistic management is largely absent. The US and China are focused on blaming one another for the disease – such that tensions are worse than they’ve been in years. If this is prologue, than it looks like the post-hegemonic world will be held together not by common interests in collective problems but by enlightened and effective leadership. And lately, that’s been too scarce a resource for comfort.
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13 days ago by gsanders
Does Kafka really guarantee the order of messages? - SoftwareMill Tech Blog
tl;dr: nope --
It is worth to know that default configuration can lead to producing messages in the wrong order when a failure happens, and if message order is important for your application you can have a lot of trouble because someone told you about the guarantees that as you can see are not always true.
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august 2019 by jm
PowerPoint: Aligning, Ordering, and Grouping Objects - YouTube ;;;
tags: PowerPoint : Aligning , Ordering , and Grouping Objects - YouTube align order group image images ;;;
PowerPoint  :  Aligning  Ordering  and  Grouping  Objects  -  YouTube  align  order  group  image  images 
june 2019 by neerajsinghvns

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