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New DSP Storage by Sallystampers
With all these 6″ X 6″ DSP packs I found I needed something to store them all in
paper_crafts  organization  utube  tutorial  patterned_paper  sallystampers 
2 days ago by tittakv
Bedrohte Ordnungen
Bedrohte Ordnungen bezeichnen Situationen, in denen Menschen das Vertrauen in gewohnte Abläufe, das Handeln ihrer Mitmenschen und den Glauben an eine sichere Zukunft verlieren. Sie reagieren emotional und fühlen sich unter Druck gesetzt, über die Bedrohung zu sprechen und nach Lösungen zu suchen.
gesellschaft  geisteswissenschaften  politik  organization 
3 days ago by tobi_s
For Good Measure Remember the Recall
Sherlock’s statement is most often quoted to imply that uncommon
scenarios can all be explained away by reason and logic. This is missing
the point. The quote’s power is in the elimination of the impossible
before engaging in such reasoning. The present authors seek to expose
a similar misapplication of methodology as it exists throughout information
security and offer a framework by which to elevate the common Watson.
organization  security 
3 days ago by mikecb
East Bay Community Space
The East Bay Community Space offers an autonomous zone in which people can meet, hold events, co-work, hang out, and visit with new and old friends.
queer  sf  organization 
3 days ago by xyai

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