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BOAR Software Reference Manual
Project which ports a customized version of exec.library and dos.library, together to form a custom OS for a platform intended to target FPGAs and DSPs.

Note that this is not full AmigaOS; but if you write your applications in C and are CLI-only programs, then they should be trivially portable to BOAR's operating system. I mean, it *is* a subset of AmigaOS, in exactly the same way that AROS is (only moreso).
AROS  AmigaOS  Amiga  exec.library  dos.library  kernel  microkernel  os  operating  system 
23 minutes ago by kc5tja
Think OS
A Brief Introduction to Operating Systems
c  linux  unix  os 
yesterday by mike
Writing a Simple Linux Kernel Module – Sourcerer Blog
Linux provides a powerful and expansive API for applications, but sometimes that’s not enough. Interacting with a piece of hardware or conducting operations that require accessed to privileged…
programming  kernel  linux  os  c  module 
2 days ago by grinful

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