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GitHub - pervognsen/bitwise: Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.
"After working as a game developer and systems programmer for over 15 years at places like Epic Games, NVIDIA, RAD Game Tools and most recently Oculus, I decided it was time to take a break from professional programming and spend a few years pursuing a long-time dream of mine, a project I've dubbed Bitwise, where I want to share my passion and try to demonstrate by example how to build systems from scratch, with a low-level computing focus."
repo:github  osdev 
yesterday by mechazoidal
'CVS: src' - MARC
pmz: note how they're using the fpu, possibly might be a fix to the inferno x86 fpu usage
openbsd  security  osdev  x86  pmz 
8 days ago by mechazoidal

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