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Files - sbase - suckless unix tools
FRIGN: "We kept them very minimal and must note that one motivation for it was the horrible complexity of and lacking UTF-8-support by the GNU coreutils. Probably due to its easy portability, sbase is, among other things, used in Google Fuchsia."
Unportable Linux tools are in "ubase", and combining both of them results in a busybox-like system.
unix  tools  osdev  suckless  repo:suckless  programming 
5 days ago by mechazoidal
"experimental, Ada-inspired language for very small systems (6502, Z80, etc)"
ada  language  osdev  pmz  programming 
9 days ago by mechazoidal
Dynamic Linking
"Given that degree of sharing, the low cost of RAM, and the increase in OS complexity, slowness and insecurity in the implementations of dynamic libraries that I've seen, I don't see a need for dynamic libraries. (Remember that the real impetus for adding them to Unix was X11 and its big and badly-factored libraries, which most of us aren't blessed with.)"
osdev  plan9  programming  unix  history 
14 days ago by mechazoidal
bhgv/LuOS9p-ESP8266 · GitHub
"It is an OS for ESP8266 IoT microcontrollers based on Lua-RTOS-ESP8266. But it was significally checked, changed and expanded."

Includes a full 9p implementation and server! Also includes a Eagle schematic for a custom PCB that provides a lot of devices for the ESP
esp8266  lua  9p  repo:github  osdev  os 
16 days ago by mechazoidal

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