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EBRPD - Cull Canyon
swim area — Lagoon; Castro Valley
swimming  family  to-do  parks  eastbay  outdoors 
7 hours ago by allisonf
The Grove Release 8 - The Grove
insanely realistic trees that 'grow' w/r/t physical context the same way the real thing would
3d  graphics  generative  Outdoors  software 
9 hours ago by inrgbwetrust
Qatar, facing unbearable heat, has begun to air-condition the outdoors - Washington Post
Qatar, the world's leading exporter of liquefied natural gas, may be able to cool its stadiums, but it cannot cool the entire country. Fears that the hundreds of thousands of soccer fans might wilt or even die while shuttling between stadiums and metros and hotels in the unforgiving summer heat prompted the decision to delay the World Cup by five months. It is now scheduled for November, during Qatar's milder winter.
climatechange  globalwarming  climate  airconditioning  outdoors  WorldCup  weather  Qatar  WashingtonPost  2019 
2 days ago by inspiral
Fear of cancer returning is all-consuming | C-Word |
Recently I found this line (somewhere I can’t remember) that I think sums up cancer treatment well: You don’t know that you’ve been cured of cancer until you die of something else.
cancer  survivor  writing  wyoming  psychology  worry  outdoors  adventure  mishev 
6 days ago by rheotaxis
Reservation System in Works For Access to Haleakala Trail | Maui Real Estate Advisors, Island-wide Experts & Knowledge, Award-Winning Service, Top Maui Agents, Luxury Real Property
Haleakala Trail runs from the top of Olinda Road to the boundary of Haleakala National Park and was the main access to the summit before Haleakala Highway, or Crater Road, was completed in 1935. A 3.3-mile section of the trail crosses through lands owned by Haleakala Ranch.
hawaii  outdoors 
8 days ago by dstelow
Sendero Provisions Co.
Sendero Provisions Co. makes quality outdoor provisions inspired by the landscapes and cultures of the wild American West.
design  webdesign  inspiration  products  store  outdoors 
9 days ago by natetharp
Relax as hard as you like | Neilson
a package provider catering to the “active travel” market
travel  holiday  outdoors 
14 days ago by pozorvlak

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