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Recensione Huawei P Smart+: l'intelligenza artificiale arriva nella fascia media -
Huawei presenta il Huawei P Smart+, uno smartphone con l'ambizione di segnare una svolta generazionale per la fascia media.
Android  P  Smart+  Huawei 
8 days ago by Tomfly58
Real world SSD wearout – blog
A year ago we’ve added SMART metrics collection to our monitoring agent that collects disk drive attributes on clients servers. Because we needed it to work without installing any additional…
postgresql  metrics  ssd  monitoring  sysadmin  getpocket  hardware  ifttt  p  storage 
20 days ago by otlib
Complexity Classes
What’s easy for a computer to do, and what’s almost impossible? Those questions form the core of computational complexity. We present a map of the landscape.
EXPTIME  PSPACE  PH  NP  BQP  BPP  P  vs  Complexity  theory 
9 weeks ago by FredericJacobs
Files copied to server being corrupted?! | FreeNAS Community
The network should catch corruption, but it is possible for it to fail:

I would guess it is in the server. One possibility is that your ethernet adapter does checksum offloading, and is then corrupting the data between the NIC and system RAM.

If you do ifconfig eth0 (or whatever your adapter is), options= may show you RXCSUM and TXCSUM, along with many similar. This would mean the adapter is handling the checksums, not the FreeBSD kernel. TSO is another possibility. Some drivers do let you disable these.
ssh  mac  bob  p 
may 2018 by dentarg

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