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ZeroTier | Home
Radically simplify your network with a virtual networking layer that works the same everywhere.
networking  vpn  peer-to-peer  p2p  direct  android  ios  linux  nas 
16 hours ago by marek-saji
oduwsdl/ipwb: InterPlanetary Wayback: A distributed and persistent archive replay system using IPFS
InterPlanetary Wayback (ipwb) facilitates permanence and collaboration in web archives by disseminating the contents of WARC files into the IPFS network.
archive  p2p  uips  ipfs 
8 days ago by slowbyte
hikaricai/p2p_tun: a p2p tunnel based on kcptun
a p2p tunnel based on kcptun. Contribute to hikaricai/p2p_tun development by creating an account on GitHub.
golang  p2p  tunnel 
14 days ago by geetarista
hackerkid/peerdium: Peer to peer publishing platform
Peerdium is a peer to peer publishing platform. The posts are stored as torrents in the browser. Only the people with link to the post can see the content of the post. Peerdium is built using WebTorrent.

Peerdium was featured in the front page of Hacker News. There was a lot of interesting discussions in the comment section and you should defintely check it out.
editor  p2p  bittorrent 
16 days ago by fozbaca
Peer-to-peer sites using BitTorrent and SQLite. The insight here is that if we can tell SQLite to talk torrent-pieces rather than disk-pages, we can essentially query torrents (torrents containing an SQLite database) on demand.
p2p  web 
16 days ago by carlesbellver

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