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CNAB: Cloud Native Application Bundles
A spec for packaging distributed apps. CNABs facilitate the bundling, installing and managing of container-native apps — and their coupled services.
cnab  cloud  application  bundle  package  packaging  container 
3 days ago by vicchow
Python Application Dependency Management in 2018 · Homepage of Hynek Schlawack
to do everything for you. It doesn’t just manage your dependencies, it also takes care of your virtual environments, and along the way tries to guess what you might want (like detecting whether you’re in an active virtual environment, installing missing interpreter versions using pyenv, or checking for preexisting requirements.txts).

If you look into Pipenv’s patched and vendor directories, you’ll realize how it achieves that: they took what’s battle tested, put a nice interface in front of it, and patched what didn’t work. In a way, it carries the burden of many years of Python packaging in its guts. And yes: there‘s a patched pip-tools inside of Pipenv.
python  packaging 
7 days ago by LBdN

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