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The Pagan Public Art Project - Home
pagan art in public places

The Pagan Public Art Project seeks to document Pagan art that is publicly accessible and can be photographed. Its purpose is to share with the wider Pagan communities (and anyone who's interested) the beauty of images often hidden in plain sight.... and also the awe and wonder they inspire. It is born of sheer love for some of the amazing Pagan art that's out there and for what it represents. It is also reflective of many of our collective values of love and respect for the Earth, our Goddesses and Gods, Ancestors, Nature and the Spirit-world.

The works depicted on these pages span from the late 19th century through the 20th to the early 21st. They can be found in our parks and city streets, museums and galleries, storefronts and front yards, graffiti art and murals, and even in unlikely media like sidewalk cement or advertisements. From monuments to murals to architectural details, the art herein is often purposefully Pagan and occasionally incidentally so; a decorative feature that over the centuries has shed some of its deeper meaning... or symbolism that time has whittled and whose significance is mostly forgotten.
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24 days ago by Quercki
Reclaiming Chants - Simple Recordings
Visit Our New Website with Chants Links!
Page below still active and useful - but our new site has lots more playlists,
including this Elements Playlist

Witchcamp Chantbook - click here for lyrics to chants
Chants for Rituals and Classes
Assembled by RQ

Here are recordings of chants we use in classes, rituals, and Witchcamps.

This is not a compendium of every wonderful chant ever sung, but those that seem to have lasted a few years and are used repeatedly in Reclaiming classes, camps, and rituals. Suggestions are welcome - see email contact below.

Many are available on Reclaiming's CDs (see links below). Others are produced in home studios. Still others were surreptitiously recorded at the Aleister Crowley Memorial Incantatory Campfire Choir's annual awards luncheon.
All of our albums on youtube and spotify - click here!

Witchcamp Chantbook - click here for lyrics to chants

Questions, suggestions, feedback, complaints, harmonies, etc - email RQ

Elements Chants

Many of the chants listed under a particular element can also be used in other ways - Born of Water could be used for a purification, or We Are the Rising Sun for a spiral dance, etc.
Invoking All the Elements
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december 2019 by Quercki
We are a circle / Somos un circulos / Wir sind ein Kreis by PetiSongcatcher & Friends
PetiSongcatcher & Friends
Healing Woman, Healing Man - Healing Being, Healing One
Posted 5 years ago5 years ago

656 plays656

PetiSongcatcher & Friends
We are a circle / Somos un circulos / Wir sind ein Kreis
Posted 5 years ago5 years ago

998 plays998

PetiSongcatcher & Friends
When you were born / Bei deiner Geburt / Quando naciste llorabas
Posted 5 years ago5 years ago

417 plays417


PetiSongcatcher & Friends
Good night sweet witches
Posted 5 years ago5 years ago

187 plays187

PetiSongcatcher & Friends
Fire transform me (slight return)
Posted 5 years ago5 years ago
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december 2019 by Quercki

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