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The art of pagination – Offset vs. value based paging - NovaTec Blog
Explain the advantages of value based pagination (e.g. next_cursor, next_after_id) as opposed to traditional pagination with offsets (page)
pagination  cursor 
10 days ago by janvereecken
Pagination Tunnels - An Experiment in Crawlability and Click Depth - Portent
In the end, the point of this experiment and exploration was to shine some light on an often-neglected part of most websites, and to show that small changes to your pagination can have a surprisingly large impact on how a crawler sees your site and all that wonderful content.
webdev  seo  pagination 
11 days ago by euler
Pagination in Vue.js – Denny Headrick – Medium
Pagination enhances UX by allowing users to visualize data in smaller chunks, or pages. Here’s how to go about making a Vue.js component with pagination that allows us to only view parts of our data at a time.
javascript  vue.js  pagination  Denny  Headrick 
18 days ago by jaumeb
Physical description in book cataloging - The Collation
The first part of the physical description, [4], CXXII leaves in this example, is the “statement of extent.” The statement of extent must account for every leaf of the book as issued by the publisher (if one or more of a particular library’s copies are missing leaves, that gets noted in the portion of the record devoted to copy-specific information). The statement of extent is sometimes referred to as the “pagination statement” because it doesn’t give the number of pages as such, it gives the numbering of the pages in a way that allows the extent to be calculated. Or, as in this case, it presents the information in terms of leaves rather than pages (called “foliation,” in contrast to “pagination”) because that’s how the book presents itself: sequential Roman numerals on the recto of each leaf, and no numbering on the verso, as you can see in this photo of the final opening.
26 days ago by n00ti

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