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Boltzmann Encoded Adversarial Machines
Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) are a class of generative neural network that are typically trained to maximize a log-likelihood objective function. We argue that likelihood-based training strategies may fail because the objective does not sufficiently penalize models that place a high probability in regions where the training data distribution has low probability. To overcome this problem, we introduce Boltzmann Encoded Adversarial Machines (BEAMs). A BEAM is an RBM trained against an adversary that uses the hidden layer activations of the RBM to discriminate between the training data and the probability distribution generated by the model. We present experiments demonstrating that BEAMs outperform RBMs and GANs on multiple benchmarks.
research  paper  generative  AI  algorithms  machinelearning  neuralnetwork  deeplearning 
5 hours ago by sachaa
Structure-from-Motion Revisited
Incremental Structure-from-Motion is a prevalent strategy
for 3D reconstruction from unordered image collections.
While incremental reconstruction systems have
tremendously advanced in all regards, robustness, accuracy,
completeness, and scalability remain the key problems
towards building a truly general-purpose pipeline. We propose
a new SfM technique that improves upon the state of
the art to make a further step towards this ultimate goal.
The full reconstruction pipeline is released to the public as
an open-source implementation.
sfm  paper 
7 hours ago by epsalt
An Empirical Model of Wage Dispersion with Sorting | The Review of Economic Studies
"We estimate an equilibrium on-the-job search model with endogenous search intensity. Workers differ by skill, firms by productivity. Workers respond to mismatch by intensive search, and sorting may result from complementarities in the match-level production function. The model is estimated on Danish matched employer-employee data. Firms are ranked through revealed preference by the fraction of hires that is poached from other firms: The poaching rank. Identification is obtained by firm rank conditional mobility and wage patterns. Wage variation is decomposed into four sources: Sorting (40%), worker heterogeneity (32%), firm heterogeneity (18%), and frictional competition (10%). A social planner can improve output net of search cost by 1.5% relative to the decentralized solution."
matching-markets  labour-economics  restud  paper 
9 hours ago by MarcK
Semantic Shape Editing using Deformation Handles
Take two parametric(patch-based) shapes and then generate slider handles for end-users.
piperesearch  graphics  paper  pdf  machine_learning 
11 hours ago by mechazoidal
Wikipedia - Foolscap folio
"This was a traditional paper size used in Europe and the British Commonwealth, before the adoption of the international standard A4 paper."

ofício II
Wikipedia  paper  BritishCommonwealth  Europe  size  standard 
yesterday by cosmic
Scientific Communication As Sequential Art
Bret Victor's (worrydream) paper on interactive explanatory communication, for explaining science.
paper  science  visualization  design  communication  education 
yesterday by tswaterman
Shadow Map Silhouette Revectorization (SMSR) | Vladimir Bondarev
Shadow Map Silhouette Recevorization (SMSR) is a filtering technique which re-approximates shadow silhouette based on MLAA implementation for GPU. SMSR consists of two main passes. First pass searches for discontinuity information.
graphics  paper 
yesterday by bspassov
Effect of tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum Linn.) on sperm count and reproductive hormones in male albino rabbits
Fresh leaves of Ocimum Sanctum (OS) were used to study its effect on male reproductive function (sperm count and reproductive hormones) in male albino rabbits. Animals in the test group received supplementation of 2 g of fresh leaves of OS per rabbit for 30 days, while the control group was maintained on normal diet for the same duration. Sperm count and hormonal estimation [testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH)] were done in serum samples of both groups and compared. A significant decrease was noted in the sperm count in test group rabbits. Serum testosterone levels showed marked increase while FSH and LH levels were significantly reduced in OS-treated rabbits. The results suggest the potential use of OS as an effective male contraceptive agent.

Keywords: Follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, Ocimum Sanctum, sperm count, testosterone
tulsi  ayurveda  herbs  herbalism  paper  research  peer-review  rabbits  testosterone  study 
2 days ago by stjp

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