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Combined Use of Artemisinin and Naphthoquine Works Better for Malarial Children
According to a new study from University of Western Australia, Fremantle, Australia, combined use of artemisinin and naphthoquine should be taken into consideration to treat children with uncomplicated malaria caused by multiple parasite species. Timothy M. E. Davis, corresponding author who led the study at School of Medicine and Pharmacology, so urged as the journal PLOS Medicine published his research paper this week.
Malaria  Plasmodium  Artemisinin  Naphthoquine  Lumefantrine  Drug  Combination  Therapy  Parasitic  Disease 
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It’s time to be honest: Netflix is parasitic - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Oct. 03 2014,

Most industrialized countries subsidize domestic television and film production, partly because of scale: It costs a lot of money to make shows look even half as glossy as the stuff coming out of Hollywood, and if there’s a limited audience (say, because you’ve set your miniseries in the shipyards of Gdansk because you think it’s important that your fellow Poles know about their history), you’re probably not going to make your money back. American film and TV studios have global marketing machines to get their shows in front of consumers.

As it happens, Canadians do watch plenty of homemade TV, and not just hockey: Last month’s season finale of The Amazing Race Canada on CTV was the most-watched show of that week, with more than three million viewers. (Necessary disclosure: CTV’s parent company BCE Inc. owns 15 per cent of The Globe and Mail. Unnecessary disclosure: I’ve never watched The Amazing Race Canada.) Scripted dramas and comedies are popular, too – though they certainly don’t pull in the numbers here that Big Bang Theory does. Millions still tune in to domestic news and current affairs shows. And just try telling Mike Holmes, Sarah Richardson, Debbie Travis and, frankly, Ben Mulroney that Canadians don’t watch Canadian-made TV.

If you’re fine with all that disappearing because hey, Netflix is awesome and a sexy disruptor, so be it: That’s your choice, and you’re free to make it. Plenty of people love their weekly pilgrimage to Walmart and Costco, too.

But please, at least be honest with yourself and recognize that Netflix, like the retail disruptor Walmart before it, is a parasitic enterprise. Netflix is currently pocketing an estimated $300-million a year from Canadian consumers. Its total investment in original Canadian programming so far? One season of Trailer Park Boys: 10 half-hour episodes of cheaply made TV.
Netflix  CRTC  Simon_Houpt  television  disruption  Wal-Mart  parasitic 
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IAMA: Christopher Hitchens | reddit's top ten questions - YouTube
moral hero, grit and grain: book "a struggle for power." many minutes in 'working class adopting capitalism without it's cruelties.' corporations, politicians, there got to be transparency & accountability. avoiding ecological, environmental & economic disaster, exploitation, secrecy, misery @ the workplace & parasitic behaviour (leeching out the life of the host, the planet, till death). end of video; debate, debating, speech, rhetoric and flair; tip - improv. Socratic method; process of elimination, eliminating all questions a good means of ordering the mind. Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011 BBC tribute < Religion "ur created sick & commanded to be well," and talking about Cancer. + It is unbelievable that Religion is still a power of force and way of thinking in Political and Policy circles. // Paxman meets Hitchens - | + on ABC1 Lateline - see related content, other interviews during his ill health.
Christopher  Hitchens  book  capitalism  USA  Republic  revolution  history  accountability  corporatism  lobby  workplace  parasitic  behaviour  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  working  poor  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  skill-biased  technological  change  revolving  door  Lobbying  lobbyist  Career  Politicians  zombie  corporations  corporations  corporate  media  Politics  Public  Policy  unknown  unknowns  complexity  unintended  consequences  working  class  middle  class  squeezed  middle  class  transparency  Germany  Europe  UK  Public  Life  debate  speeches  speech  rethorik  rhetoric  improv  Socratic  method  Religion  cancer 
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TI: parasitic effects and PCB design | Dangerous Prototypes
TI: parasitic effects and PCB design, February 25, 2013 at 08:00AM, from Dangerous Prototypes
ifttt  googlereader  Dangerous  Prototypes  TI:  parasitic  effects  and  PCB  design  February  25  2013  at  08:00AM 
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App Note: Capacitors and their parasitic components | Dangerous Prototypes
App Note: Capacitors and their parasitic components, February 03, 2013 at 03:00PM, from Dangerous Prototypes
ifttt  googlereader  Dangerous  Prototypes  App  Note:  Capacitors  and  their  parasitic  components  February  03  2013  at  03:00PM 
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David Chatting - 263 Stories
Interesting project by @davidchatting: 263 Stories (was not aware you could remote sniff Nike+: )
infovis  sensing  parasitic  teaching  nike+  running 
january 2013 by moritz_stefaner
Desert Beetles Shelter Broods from Attacking Parasitic Wasps Under Stacks of Dummy Eggs
They lead modest lives among the palo verde, mesquite and acacia trees throughout the Southwestern U.S., laying their eggs on seed pods and defending the survival of their offspring against the parasitic wasp species that attacks their eggs before their young can
Desert  Parasitic  Wasps  DummyEggs 
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