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Kids’ Video Game Obsession Isn’t Really About Video Games | Psychology Today
What Kids Are Looking For (And Not Getting)
Fortnite, like any well-designed video game, satisfies what we are all looking for. According to Drs. Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, people need three things to flourish. We look for competence — the need for mastery, progression, achievement, and growth. We need autonomy — the need for volition and freedom of control over our choice. And finally, we strive for relatedness — the need to feel like we matter to others and that others matter to us. Unfortunately, when considering the state of modern childhood, many kids aren’t getting enough of these three essential elements.
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3 hours ago by earth2marsh
Your real biological clock is you’re going to die
But this idea of certainty is a sham, a distraction, something to turn your attention away from the only truly certain thing, which is that your time will run out. If you intend to have children, but you don’t intend to have them just yet, you are not banking extra years as a person who is still too young to have children. You are subtracting years from the time you will share the world with your children.
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22 hours ago by terry
Fold N Fly ✈
A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.
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