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Freedom to Learn | Psychology Today
Freedom to Learn: The roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning., by Peter Gray, Ph.D.
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yesterday by TeamTeaTime
A growing number of companies are marketing bulletproof backpacks to who are desperate to protect their ch…
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15 days ago by tolkien
Fewer Mothers Prefer Full-time Work | Pew Research Center
In the span of the past decade, full-time work outside the home has lost some of its appeal to mothers. This trend holds for both those who have such jobs and those who don't.
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26 days ago by colindocherty
Great article by on the troubling trend of using apps on their that pose a…
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4 weeks ago by douglevin
Why I Post Photos of My Kids on Instagram - Outside - Pocket
Posting shots of my kids skiing, camping, and playing outside is good for my brand as an adventure writer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
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4 weeks ago by inspiral
NEW material: Lesson and action plans for engaging in student learning: …
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5 weeks ago by tolkien
Part of being human is making predictions based on the schema we hold in our brains. can harness this tend…
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5 weeks ago by tolkien

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