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Why Aren't More Highly Intelligent People Rich? A Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Another Factor Matters a Lot More |
People with relatively prudent and reliable partners tend to perform better at work, earning more promotions, making more money, and feeling more satisfied with their jobs.

"Partner conscientiousness" (for men and women) predict future job satisfaction, income, and likelihood of promotion.

According to the researchers, "conscientious" partners perform more household tasks, exhibit more pragmatic behaviors that their spouses are likely to emulate, and promote a more satisfying home life, all of which enables their spouse to focus more on work.

As one researcher said, "These results demonstrate that the dispositional characteristics of the person one marries influence important aspects of one's professional life."

In non-research-speak, a good partner sets a good example, and makes it possible for you to be a better you.
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3 days ago by bryanzug
Trends in the Lateral Partner Recruiting Market | Legal Executive Institute
The lateral partner market continues to be very active as law firms increase their focus on growth, which is seen as critical to maintaining their success of many firms going forward. This higher focus on growth will create more tensions in the lateral partner market, since many law firms have similar growth strategies. Given this pressure, we should expect to see some changes coming to the lateral partner market.

Indeed, we are starting to see some changes occur, but these are very embryonic. As law firms push for growth, they will need to commit more and different resources to achieve their goals. I have noted via various articles, conversations and press releases that show many large firms appear to have a very similar growth strategy, looking to focus their growth on high-margin practices in major markets (e.g., New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., etc.). Of course, logic dictates not all of these firms — mine included — can succeed with the same strategy. Instead, we should expect a much more competitive market, where large law firms have to be more aggressive in competing for many resources, including lateral candidates.
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24 days ago by JordanFurlong
Supper excited to head to Miami to partake in as a and of . Vis…
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