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‎WiFi Map - Get Free Internet on the App Store
There's an app called "WiFi Map". The largest database of WiFi networks and passwords I know. And it can work offline, if you pre-load specific area you're interested in. Never disappointed me in my trips. Oh, and it has not only airports, but every possible WiFi network. Some people even give access to their home WiFi.
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23 hours ago by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Change the Minimum Password Length in Ubuntu 14.04 | UbuntuHandbook
Ubuntu 14.04 requires a minimum password length of 8 characters, as well as complexity check by default, though you can set a short password
linux  ubuntu  password  length  strength 
yesterday by jonaslorander
FoXnoMad | A Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World (Updated Regularly)
- Finding an open wireless connection in many airports isn’t always easy, or possible, without a password (or local phone number which is stupid).

- The difficulty of getting online is why I asked you for and created an always-up-to-date list of airport wireless passwords around the world. You’ve been sending me your tips regularly and I post on the foXnoMad Facebook page when there’s a new password or airport added.
Recently, reader Zach made a great suggestion that will make it easier for you to search, add, and keep up with this airport wireless password list.

The Map Of Airport Wireless Passwords

Below is a regularly updated map of all the airport wireless and lounge passwords you send and I come across on my travels. I’ll still be updating the original how to get wireless passwords from airports page with this information as well but now you can search around on the map directly.
Travel  WiFi  Airport  Free  Password  Wireless  Google  EN  Maps  FreeWifi 
yesterday by abetancort
Use custom groups in 1Password Business
can create a group with Business version
password  security 
yesterday by tosh
DinoPass - Simple password generator for kids
Password generator for creating simple, memorable and kid-friendy passwords
password  generator 
yesterday by EyePulp
Microsoft does away with more passwords • TechCrunch
Frederic Lardinois:
<p>As the company today announced at its Ignite conference, it’ll now support password-less logins via its Microsoft Authenticator app for hundreds of thousands of Azure Active Directory-connected apps. “No company lets enterprises eliminate more passwords than Microsoft,” the company proudly writes in its announcement today.

The company has written about this in the past and with Windows Hello, it’s already offering a version of this for Windows 10 users. For Azure Active Directory, the Windows Authenticator app essentially replicates the functionality of Windows Hello and it lets users use their fingerprint, face or PIN to log in to their enterprise applications. The overall idea here is that you are still providing two factors of authentication: something you own (your phone) and something you have (your fingerprint or face).

<a href="">Here is what that looks like for personal accounts</a>. The process for enterprise accounts is quite similar.</p>

"Fingerprint, face or PIN". The latter doesn't feel that far away from a password, to be honest, though I suppose if you're having to put it through your pre-authorised Windows Authenticator app then it adds a faint sheen of extra security.
microsoft  password 
yesterday by charlesarthur
Never forget another password
software  password  security 
4 days ago by Z303

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