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GitHub - dropbox/zxcvbn: Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation
A full features password strength checker, incorporating dictionaries, character substitution, common passwords and repeated letters etc.
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21 hours ago by bonuswavepilot
ahnick/ Lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts - Lightweight solution for using encrypted passwords in shell scripts
encryption  passwords  shell 
22 hours ago by geetarista
Troy Hunt: I've Just Launched "Pwned Passwords" V2 With Half a Billion Passwords for Download
Last August, I launched a little feature within Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) I called Pwned Passwords. This was a list of 320 million passwords from a range of different data breaches which organisations could use to better protect their own systems. How? NIST explains:
passwords  Security 
yesterday by dangeranger
AgileBits Blog | 1Password is for families
Today we’re celebrating Family Day here in Ontario and throughout other parts of Canada. It’s a great way to remind ourselves of the people in our lives who are always here when we need them. Family can mean a lot of different things – my brother-in-law Mike calling to ask if I need help shovelling snow, my aunt sharing a new card game, or a friend who needs a ride to an appointment – in the end, family means “together”.
Sharing together
Most of the time, sharing lives together is as simple as sharing a meal, sharing how your day was, and – these days – sharing Wi-Fi passwords and Netflix accounts. 1Password Families can’t cook for you or get your kids to clean their rooms, but it’s great with online accounts. In fact, it’s great for sharing a lot more than passwords, too.
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2 days ago by rgl7194

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