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Boeing patented intermodal container plane - FreightWaves
Not a classic BWB nor a flying wing, this thing just sits on the containers and swallows them up. Looking kinda Bartini there...
Boeing  patent  intermodal  cargo  container  airplane  aircraft 
6 days ago by asteroza
Searchable Patent Full-Text Database
Example: LREP="Van Court & Aldridge" TI="Network"
0root-entrepreneur  patent 
11 days ago by brad73435
HTC suspends UK sales due to patent claim, Xiaomi targeted too • Android Authority
Hadlee Simons:
<p>Patent licensing firm IPCom says HTC infringed a 2012 UK court ruling. Back then, the UK High Court ruled that HTC infringed upon IPCom’s patent 100A, which determines how emergency calls are prioritized on 3G networks. The patent in question was obtained by IPCom as part of a deal with Bosch in 2007.

HTC was permitted to use a workaround when launching phones in the UK, the patent firm claimed, but says the brand’s Desire 12 doesn’t use this workaround. The Taiwanese company has therefore decided to suspend sales of the Desire 12, IPCom asserts, but the bad news doesn’t stop there.

“Furthermore, HTC has signalled that it is taking steps to suspend sales of all its mobile devices in the UK,” IPCom’s press release noted.

The patent licensing company says it’s also in negotiations with Xiaomi regarding its alleged patent infringement. It says the Mi Mix 3 slider flagship uses the offending patent.</p>

Wonder if HTC forgot how to do the workaround. Then again, it's news that it sells any phones at all in the UK. Stopping sales will probably save it money - or at least forgo some losses: HTC only did about $14m in sales in July, and probably made an operating loss of half that (ie it spends $3 for every $2 it brings in). The patent stuff, though, is <a href="">all very 2011</a>.
htc  patent 
16 days ago by charlesarthur
Patent Application Names AI as Inventor
They decided to push the legal system. For obvious reasons, I'm sure that they will get a precedent that an AI cannot be an inventor. Also they'll get publicity.
law  ip-law  patent  ai  via:reddit 
18 days ago by mcherm

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