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US7362313B2 - Touch simulation system and method - Google Patents

Systems and methods provide for simulating an effective touch on a touch screen sensor. A touch screen sensor includes a first surface, an opposing second surface, and one or more electrodes disposed on or proximate to the second surface. Signals are applied to the first and second surfaces in a manner which results in a simulated touch to a particular location of the touch screen sensor. In another approach, a plurality of voltage drive signals are applied at various touch sur...
touch  efinger  patent  capacitive  simulate 
3 days ago by severin.smith
The U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents
Newly released documents reveal that the office, tasked with evaluating and protecting the rights to intellectual property, has a covert system for delaying controversial or inconvenient patents. It’s a system that attorneys say, if abused, could function as a way to limit or stomp out emerging companies
usa  patent  corruption  shame 
6 days ago by orlin
Bring inspiration into your favorite room or setting with patent art that masterfully communicates who you are. We have designed beautiful patent prints and posters based on some of the keystone inventions of our generation from companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, AirBnB and more.
art  home  poster  retro  patent 
13 days ago by roggedoggelito
A Decade After Trying To Block Open Source Patent Pool From Buying Its Patents, Microsoft Joins The Pool Entirely | Techdirt
10 years ago, a Microsoft FUD campaign claiming to have unspecified patents that Linux violated forced the open source community to create a defensive patent pool. Today Microsoft joins that pool. Times have changed.
patent  opensource  microsoft  law 
4 weeks ago by mcherm
United States Patent: 10096319 - Voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users. Example methods may include determining first voice data, wherein the first voice data is generated by a user, determining a first real-time user status of the user using the first voice data, generating a first data tag indicative of the first real-time user status, determining first audio content for presentation at a speaker device using the first data tag and the first voice data, and causing presentation of the first audio content via a speaker of the speaker device.
via:arstechnica  amazon  alexa  patent  health  proactive  agent 
5 weeks ago by danhon

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