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Using GraphQL? Why Facebook Now Owns You 🐲
Compelling argument for why GraphQL is not worth supporting because:

> Facebook's GraphQL spec doesn't grant a patent license. Therefore, for reasons as set forth below, most GraphQL users infringe Facebook's patents.
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3 days ago by jefftriplett
Consider re-licensing to AL v2.0, as RocksDB has just done · Issue #10191 · facebook/react
This is the issue as I understand it: The React license's patent grant is narrower than Apache-2.0's, because it prohibits patent suits against Facebook that Apache-2.0 would not. The licenses are still compatible, in the sense that they can be used together within the same work. However, the overall license for that work (call it Apache+React), is less permissive than Apache-2.0 because of React's patent restrictions. It is Apache Software Foundation policy not to distribute software that cannot be licensed, as a whole, under the terms of Apache-2.0. Therefore, it will not accept the React license into its own project because it would make the project's license more restrictive than Apache-2.0.
patent  license  software 
3 days ago by dentarg
The React license for founders and CTOs – James Ide – Medium
A startup founder and ex-Facebook engineer’s story of the BSD+Patents license. Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, nor is this legal advice. A couple weeks ago, there was a renewed discussion about the…
license  react  facebook  patent 
4 days ago by damli

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