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Apple granted patent on smart dock with Siri and wireless charging • The Verge
Chaim Gartenberg:
<p>Apple was <a href="">granted a new patent</a> this week, one that’s particularly interesting given Apple’s upcoming HomePod and rumors of a wirelessly charging iPhone 8: an iPhone dock that could have Siri and a wireless charger built in.

<img src="" width="80%" />

The patent, officially for a “Smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device,” is pretty broad. It covers a dock that could recognize that an iPhone had been placed into it and activate a microphone that could listen for voice commands to allow users to control a phone from across a room. In other words, it’s a Siri dock. The patent also covers multiple ways of charging said iPhone, including wireless charging, and describes docks that range just simple connectors with a microphone and speaker to full-fledged miniature computers with buttons and displays.

Now, before I go off into rampant speculation, it’s worth remembering that this is a patent, not an actual product announcement. But the interesting part is how this could tie in to Apple’s HomePod strategy.</p>

So it's the Apple iPod Hi-Fi living again?
apple  patent  homepod 
2 days ago by charlesarthur
EFF to Court: Stop Shielding Patent Trolls That Send Baseless Demand Letters | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Getting a patent demand letter from a troll can be a scary experience. The letters often include a lot of legal jargon, not to mention a patent that is often impenetrable (at least, not without hiring an expensive lawyer to translate it for you).
3 days ago by eh
Senators Take Aim at Patent Troll Demand Letter Abuses | Electronic Frontier Foundation
We've made considerable progress in our fight against patent trolls. The House, you may remember, resoundingly passed the Innovation Act last year. The President has since said he would sign it, and make a strong statement in support of reform in this year's State of the Union address. Now, we await on the Senate to act (speaking of which, have you signed our letter urging such action?).
3 days ago by eh
A Closer Look at Patent Troll Demand Letters: A Dangerous Problem that Must Be Fixed | Electronic Frontier Foundation
We've been talking a good deal lately about the promising Innovation Act. And with good reason—it looks like the best chance we've had for real patent reform that would actually help those getting crushed by the patent system. The bill is not perfect, though, and has at least one glaring error: it does not address the serious harm that comes from patent troll demand letters.
3 days ago by eh
Patent US20160027536 - Mobile heat pipe cooled fast reactor system - Google Patents
MegaPower, a heat pipe cooled small nuclear reactor, based on the KiloPower work that recently got funded by NASA. Not much comment on the final power conversion system, but heavily implied to be open air cycle brayton. Intended for places like forward bases (FOB)
MegaPower  KiloPower  heatpipe  cooling  cooled  nuclear  reactor  research  patent  LANL  container  containerized  modular  small 
9 days ago by asteroza
The hunted becomes the hunter: How Cloudflare’s fight with a ‘patent troll’ could alter the game | TechCrunch
Another company (Cloudflare) fighting back against patent trolls, with some pretty aggressive tactics.
patent  patentabuse  law  ip-law 
10 days ago by mcherm

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