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• Number of patents in force in the U.S. 2004-2015 | Statistic
Gives total number of in-force (i.e. "live" or "active") patents in the USA.
ESB6  ch17  Legal  IP  patents  patent  counts 
yesterday by jeromekatz
What it's really like to be sued by a patent troll -- and how to stop it | VentureBeat
What it’s really like to be sued by a troll — and how to stop it | VentureBeat
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2 days ago by rickc57
New Google Patent Could Turn Your Bathroom Mirror Into A Medical Device
“Health monitoring at a hospital or office… cannot monitor a patient during their normal course of life or as often as desired. This can be a serious limitation because a snapshot captured at a hospital or office may not accurately reflect the patient’s health or may not performed at all due to the infrequency of a patient’s visits.”
Google  mirror  JRKK  prevention  sensors  wearables  patent  homecare 
12 days ago by koenkas
RT : IBM inventors receive record 9,043 patents in 2017, marking our 25th consecutive year of U.S. leadership.…
patent  from twitter
13 days ago by chrispoole
Going for the big one : Article : Bioentrepreneur
Patents that are big moneymakers tend to be for improved methods for making drugs. Lists biggest university-owned patents and amounts produced in 1997-8.
patents  patent  revenue  sales  royalties  drugs  ESB6  ch17 
16 days ago by jeromekatz
What percent of patents make money? | andrew.spriegel's blog
Great blogpost giving the low success rates for inventions and patents, with original sources noted.
ESB6  ch4  invention  innovation  patent  patents  success  rates 
17 days ago by jeromekatz
Google Patents
Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature.
patent  jules_touaillon 
4 weeks ago by mrbarker
Top drone story: Mike Quindazzi ✨ on Twitter: "Top 5 giant's appl… , see more
tech  patent  from twitter
4 weeks ago by droneservices

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