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United States Patent and Trademark Office
Place to do a basic background check before naming an app
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5 days ago by Denis
science is advancing KE vehicle armor penetrators for small rifle calibers
Army  patent  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by becker
House Judiciary Committee
Examining the Supreme Court’s TC Heartland Decision
9 days ago by eh
Lexmark patent racket busted by Supremes • The Register
Thomas Claburn:
<p>Patent law grants patent holders a limited monopoly on their goods for the duration of the patent. But when the goods are sold, patent rights are said to be exhausted, which allows third parties to resell the items without obtaining a license from the patent holder.

Lexmark wanted to prevent competitors from buying used ink cartridges, refurbishing them, and selling them to its printer customers – presumably because it would make more money by controlling that market.

So the company imposed contractual terms to limit resale of ink cartridges obtained through its cartridge Return Program in the US. What's more, it tried to prevent ink cartridges obtained abroad from being resold in the US through claimed patent rights.

In 2010, the printer maker began filing a series of lawsuits in Ohio to enforce its claims against ink cartridge recyclers who acquired cartridges outside the US. Most of the defendants in those cases chose to settle, agreeing not to obtain Lexmark cartridges abroad.

In 2013, Lexmark sued Impression Products, based in Charleston, West Virginia, for violating its patent rights by reselling contractually controlled Return Program cartridges and by reselling ink cartridges bought abroad.

In 2016, the Federal Circuit Court agreed with Lexmark's position.

The Supreme Court, however, has overturned that decision. It <a href="">ruled</a> that while Lexmark may have an enforceable claim under contract law for Return Program ink cartridges acquired in the US and resold there, the company may not make a patent claim.</p>

I thought that this might have some reading on Apple's patent row with Qualcomm, but people on Twitter are telling me no. Even so, this is momentous.
lexmark  patent  supreme 
22 days ago by charlesarthur
Supreme Court rules Doctrine of Exhaustion (First Sale) Applies for Patents
Just out: You can do what you want with patented stuff you bought (regardless of what lease restrictions you signed) because once you own it they no longer have patent rights in that object.
law  ip-law  patent  via:HackerNews 
23 days ago by mcherm
thepatentoffice on Etsy
Browse unique items from thepatentoffice on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.
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25 days ago by eownis

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