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RT : Patently absurd: did you know charges a 5% wireless royalty on repairs?…
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Prior Art Archive
Low quality patents waste money. US companies spend millions of dollars year after year in litigation expenses defending against patents that shouldn’t have been issued. The patent examination process should stop patents from being issued on old or obvious technology. Unfortunately, just because technology is old doesn’t mean it is easy for a patent examiner to find. Particularly in the computer field, much prior art is in the form of old manuals, documentation, web sites, etc. that have, until now, not been readily searchable.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cisco have collaborated to create this first free and open archiving platform for the entire IT industry.

Simply put: fewer bad patents will be issued if we as industry give USPTO examiners the tools they need to find old technology.
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4 days ago by squishyrobot
RT : Will Judge Koh rule that license business violated law? Our wall-to-wall
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14 days ago by ampressman
Four suits against dismissed by Munich court, four others in zombie mode…
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20 days ago by edelagrave
Apple granted patent for interchangeable ‘universal’ AirPods with biometrics and improved fit • 9to5Mac
Alex Allegro:
<p>This patent filing comes just days after a new Ming-Chi Kuo report which signaled for updated AirPods in the first quarter of 2019 set to include wireless charging. It seems clear the next AirPods refresh will most likely focus on improving upon the current design. But this patent shows that in 2020 and beyond, Apple is interested in creating an ultimate earbud that can fit anybody, with an array of biometric sensors capable of tracking health measurements along with detecting ear placement.

One of the points touched upon in the patent is how biometric sensors need to be pressed firmly against the skin to work best, and in a few of the designs outlined in the document, foam is used to expand the bud against the ear canal.

Obviously, this is a departure from the traditional plastic mold used by Apple in both EarPods and AirPods. However, in the pursuit of a universal fit, Apple might deem expanding foam as the best option as opposed to hard plastic.</p>

Foam would be a nice feature. AirPods aren't uncomfortable, but they're too big for some ears. There has been some indication that the new versions will come after iOS 12.2 - currently in beta - is official.
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25 days ago by charlesarthur

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