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Patent US20060194893 - Hydrophobation of melamine foam - Google Patents
Melamine foams exhibiting a very low level of water absorption and low residual formaldehyde are provided. The foams may be prepared by repeatedly soaking a melamine foam with an aqueous polysiloxane emulsion and squeezing out the emulsion, followed by a drying step and then a high-temperature annealing step.
melamine  foam  patent  treatment  polysiloxane  hydrophobic  HMF  insulation  materials  van  fabrication 
2 days ago by hackwolf
It's not a gift card, but it'll do: a new allows Amazon users to define "gift rules" like product type or…
patent  from twitter
3 days ago by rhyndes
Apple has finally won $120m from Samsung patent battle • The Verge
Jacob Kastrenakes:
<p>After years of sparring in the courts, Apple has once and for all claimed victory over Samsung to the count of $120m. The Supreme Court said today that it wouldn’t hear an appeal of the patent infringement case, first decided in 2014, which has been bouncing through appeals courts in the years since.

The case revolved around Apple’s famous slide-to-unlock patent and, among others, its less-famous quick links patent, which covered software that automatically turned information like a phone number into a tappable link. Samsung was found to have infringed both patents. The ruling was overturned almost two years later, and then reinstated once again less than a year after that. From there, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court, which is where the case met its end today.</p>

Thank god that's finished. But: there's still another part, over $1bn (reduced to $400m) which returns to court in May.
apple  samsung  patent 
9 days ago by charlesarthur
A new Square proposes a move into crowdfunding by underwriting projects and handling repayment to investor…
patent  from twitter
10 days ago by rhyndes
.Amazon takes on fast fashion: a could let them create tailored garments on demand and at scale…
patent  from twitter
12 days ago by rhyndes
When A Stranger Calls: Amazon's always-on videoscreen allows potential callers to see when you're availabl…
patent  from twitter
16 days ago by rhyndes
Headphones? How archaic. Facebook's wants to send VR audio straight to your skull with bone transducers 💀…
patent  from twitter
17 days ago by rhyndes

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