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What is an Information Radiator? | Agile Alliance
""Information radiator" is the generic term for any of a number of handwritten, drawn, printed or electronic displays which a team places in a highly visible location, so that all team members as well as passers-by can see the latest information at a glance: count of automated tests, velocity, incident reports, continuous integration status, and so on."

Some people are information radiators as well.
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Engineering Management : Lessons learned in first year – Swaroop, The Dreamer
# New engineering manager reflecting on his first year as full-time manager

* Swaroop shares his motivations which are not uncommon (I can help, fear of age discrimination, feeing that his experience as parent prepared him, desire for increased duration of work focus).
* He reiterates the Truth that management is a career change, not a promotion.
* His pithy sum-up on what a manager should be focused on is results and retention, but then he subsequently makes that more complex. In doing so, he twists the language a little bit. I think an editor might have helped. *If I had to choose a two element description of the job that wasn't just Results (begging the question), I prefer Netflix-era Rapaport's "Building context" and "Attracting and retention of world-class talent".*
* He includes lots of references to source materials that helped shape his management philosophy. Some of these are more or less relevant to the context we're working in.
* Don't skip over his pithy observation that management is anti-DRY (Don't repeat yourself). That's a hard-won truth for me. I continue to underestimate the number of repetitions of a statement, change or plan it takes to bring it to life.
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