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On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
An illustrated essay on generative algorithms written by Anders Hoff.
patterns  art  generative-art 
1 hour ago by pmigdal
Dark Patterns And Other Design No-Nos For Mobile (Smashing Magazine)
Неплохой обзор видов тёмных паттернов от Suzanne Scacca.
UX  patterns  patterns+dark  issue 
4 hours ago by jvetrau
Change Blindness in UX — Definition (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Raluca Budiu из Nielsen/Norman Group описывает психологический принцип слепоты к изменениям. Учитывая его, можно добиться лучшей заметности элементов интерфейса.
UX  psychology  cognition  patterns  issue 
4 hours ago by jvetrau
Having fun with link hover effects (CSS-Tricks)
Примеры необычных эффектов наведения курсора на ссылку.
design  patterns  CSS  scripts  coding  issue 
5 hours ago by jvetrau
Design better gradients (UX Collective)
Matthäus Niedoba работает над интерфейсом Cinema4D и даёт советы по реализации ползунка для настройки градиента.
UX  tools  patterns  color  issue 
5 hours ago by jvetrau
Python Patterns
Some design pattern are useless in python because of built-in feature (decorator, module, generator).
But some are usefull.
Here's a list :
development  programming  python  patterns  design-patterns 
2 days ago by vitaminCPP
Entity Component System - Alemil: Gamedev blog
"ECS (Entity Component System) is a great architectural pattern that is perfect for building medium to big games, that offers some advantages over traditional OOP (Object Oriented Programming). In short, when using ECS, every game object consists of Entity - unique ID, multiple Components that hold data, and Systems that operate on and manipulate components. This separation allows for much easier implementation of independent features than big objects built with inheritance."
programming  design  patterns  oop 
2 days ago by ddribin

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