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HTML5 Input Types — Where Are They Now? (Smashing Magazine)
Drew McLellan разбирает поддержку браузерами полей ввода для разных форматов данных (телефон, дата и т.п.). Поддержка есть, а вот её качество сильно плавает и зачастую лучше делать свой элемент управления.
UX  forms  patterns  coding  HTML 
4 hours ago by jvetrau
The Exaggerated Promise of So-Called Unbiased Data Mining | WIRED
"Something extremely unlikely is not unlikely at all if it has already happened."
"The Feynman trap—ransacking data for patterns without any preconceived idea of what one is looking for—is the Achilles heel of studies based on data mining. Finding something unusual or surprising after it has already occurred is neither unusual nor surprising. Patterns are sure to be found, and are likely to be misleading, absurd, or worse."

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big_data  statistics  patterns  correlation  random  probability  Feynman 
6 hours ago by Tonti
Have Direct Links to ‘Return Policy’ and ‘Shipping Info’ in the Footer (20% don’t) (Baymard Institute)
Christian Holst из Baymard пишет о важности размещения ссылок на условия доставки и возврата в подвале интернет-магазина.
UX  ecommerce  navigation  patterns  issue 
11 hours ago by jvetrau
Microservice Websites
With this article we want to show that server-side rendered websites integrated on content (using transclusion) allow for high long-term evolvability compared to client-side rendering integrated with shared code. In other words, if you want a system with high long-term evolvability, you should not develop websites using only client-side JavaScript and integrate them using a shared components approach.
architecture  microservices  patterns  gustaf_nilsson_kotte 
yesterday by hthief
When to use CQRS? | @RisingStack
Thesis 8: CQRS is suitable for systems whose domain logic is too complex for pure CRUD.
cqrs  patterns  review 
yesterday by archangel
Design Patterns & Refactoring
I'm SourceMaking. I will tell you a lot of stories about good software architecture and teach you how to create it with design patterns. I will guide you through anti-patterns, common pitfalls and mistakes that people make when they plan, create, and manage software projects. In the end, I will teach you how to smell a bad code and improve it with refactoring.
programming  patterns 
2 days ago by alderlocke
Children’s UX — Usability Issues in Designing for Young People (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Katie Sherwin и Jakob Nielsen продолжают рассказ о новом исследовании Nielsen/Norman Group особенностей использования интерфейсов детьми разного возраста. В этой статье приводят разницу восприятия типовых интерфейсных паттернов.
UX  children  psychology  tips  issue  patterns 
2 days ago by jvetrau
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Spellbound Sampler PDF Pattern Bundle
By CakeStand Quilts
Nine original blocks created for the Spellbound Sampler

A quilt that celebrates the imagery of autumn: turning leaves & misty mornings; festivals of fire & fairy tales at bedtime.
quilt  patterns 
2 days ago by frannyor
Adele – Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository
Dozens of design systems and pattern libraries thoroughly analyzed. Learn, enjoy, contribute!
design  reference  ux  styleguide  designsystems  design-system  design-systems  library  patterns  designsystem 
4 days ago by atran

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