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Engineering Design Challenges - 52 page .pdf
Great projects for teaching engineering and design thinking
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2 days ago by amann
'The Serengeti Rules' | PBS
The late Bob Paine, once a professor emeritus of biology at the UW, is featured in this PBS special "The Serengeti Rules." Based on a book of the same name, "The Serengeti Rules" had its theatrical premiere at Tribeca Film Festival and has won awards at the 2018 Wildscreen Panda Awards and Jackson Hole Science Media Awards.
PBS  natl  !UWitM  2019  Paine.Bob  Department:Biology  College:Arts&Sciences 
6 days ago by uwnews
Scott Yoo explores Vivaldi in Northern Italy
Scott Yoo crosses Northern Italy, chasing the story of one of the most recorded pieces of music in the world, Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” and discovers how the composer merged religious melodies, opera and a new level of violin playing to launch a new era of music.
Vivaldi  Italy  Music  Classical  PBS 
19 days ago by dbourn
PBS NewsHour Live Stream | WITF
WITF presents this live stream of the PBS NewsHour each weekday at 6 p.m.
22 days ago by ken30096
*** PETM - The Last Time the Globe Warmed - YouTube
Comparing today to the PETM - Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, end of Paleocene Epoch about 56 Mya as the global was still recovering from the end of the dinosaurs (66mya).
global_warming  climate_change  videos  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA  paleontology  Hank_Green  PBS 
25 days ago by Marcellus
Wikipedia - Judy Woodruff
didn't know Judy worked in Georgia for so long

want to read her book
Georgia  Wikipedia  JudyWoodruff  PBS  news  journalism  CNN  WhiteHouse  Oklahoma  JimLehrer  GwenIfill 
25 days ago by cosmic

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