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'Molecular Methods in Genome Research' covers primer design, extraction, , and gel electrophoresis to vali…
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june 2019 by tolkien
I worked at Theranos, and this is a glimpse of my story. : tech
There was one instance where we had an all company meeting and #1 was praising the nucleic acid amplification group(the one I mentioned about about the guy who lied to #1 and #2 and left ). She started saying that they invented a new method called PCR // she said they invented PCR. Jesus.
theranos  bullshit  pcr 
june 2018 by yorksranter
Tm Calculator thermofisher
berechnet PCR-Annealing-Temp. für Taq- und Phusion-Polymerase
genetics  tools  pcr  primer 
january 2018 by ninnive

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