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Peloton is ending software updates for the first generation of its monitor - The Verge
Natt Garun:
<p>Early adopters of Peloton’s fitness bikes are in for a pricey upgrade: this week, the company <a href="">announced via an email to users</a> that it will stop sending updates to bikes using the first generation of its touchscreen monitor. This model was sold in 2014 when Peloton first launched its bike before releasing a second iteration in 2016 that allows users to cast their screen to a smart TV.

Peloton says users with the first-generation screen on their bikes will still be able to ride and access live stream and on-demand content as usual, but they will stop receiving support for new features. The company confirmed to The Verge that it will continue to support bug fixes, however. In the past few months, lag and performance issues had been a problem for users with an older monitor on their bike as the company continues to push out new updates for music control, wireless headphone support, and workout metric displays.

“Given the age and technology of [the] first generation touchscreen, it no longer accommodates the software features we regularly develop and release,” the company said in a support page and in emails to customers.

To combat the issue, Peloton is offering affected users a discount code to purchase the latest version of its screen for $350 — which is more than 50% off of the full value of $750 — for those who wanted to upgrade before this week’s news.</p>

So the bike works, but the screen becomes a dud. Clever upgrade offer: it'll make a tidy profit on them.
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25 days ago by charlesarthur
Publishers slam Peloton over its copyright-infringement defence
Peloton had suggested that the publishers had conspired with industry body the NMPA “to fix prices and to engage in a concerted refusal to deal with Peloton”. Now the publishers have filed their own motion to dismiss this counter-claim, and they’re not happy, describing it (according to Billboard) as a “timeworn tactic of asserting a baseless antitrust counterclaim” that should be dismissed with prejudice. “Beyond the allegation that the ‘Coordinating Publishers’ all cut off negotiations at the same time, Peloton has alleged no facts circumstantially raising an inference of collusion,” it continued.
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8 weeks ago by motiveunknown
The Peloton Effect – Elemental
What Means for the of - The Peloton Effect – Elemental
Peloton  Future  Fitness  from twitter
may 2019 by alvar
Peloton Denies Using Unlicensed Music In Workout Videos
In a counterclaim filed this morning (April 30) and obtained by Billboard, Peloton denies each and every allegation put forth by the NMPA, claiming that it has obtained licenses from -- and is paying -- all "major" publishers, many independent publishers and the performing rights organizations representing all songwriters and publishers whose music included in its videos. The same goes for its relationship with major and independent record labels. "Peloton is not the bad actor that Plaintiffs portray it to be," the counterclaim reads. "Peloton values the musical element of its service offering and respects -- and pays -- the music rightsholders associated with that offering."
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april 2019 by motiveunknown
Peloton owners are pissed about bad music after copyright lawsuit
But as fitness companies dabble in media creation, they’re also navigating into the pains of becoming an entertainment company. After Peloton was sued last month, some users have taken to Facebook and Reddit to vent their frustrations, even creating memes to make light of the situation. “The music for all of the hip hop club bangers pop has been awful. I have had the bike [for] six plus months, never heard ONE T-Pain song... now I hear one every ride,” Peloton user Gregg P. said in a Facebook group. “Sorry but Cher and Aretha Franklin for HIIT just don’t do it for me,” another user added.
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april 2019 by motiveunknown
Open Sourcing Peloton, Uber’s Unified Resource Scheduler | Uber Engineering Blog
First introduced by Uber in November 2018, Peloton manages resources across large-scale, distinct workloads, combining separate compute clusters.
peloton  engineering  scale  uber 
april 2019 by adragomir
The Peloton Effect – Elemental -
This past January, a viral Twitter thread skewered Peloton’s penchant for setting its ads in what appear to be posh apartments or luxe country homes. “Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house,” read one tweet from @ClueHeywood. Sharing your Peloton workout nook has become a new Instagram brag, with some users posting photos of their $2,000 bike and $4,000 Tread placed side by side or looking out over ocean vistas.
homefitness  fitness  cycling  peloton 
april 2019 by kme
Peloton Removing Classes Featuring Songs Named in NMPA Lawsuit
After a lawsuit was filed against Peloton last week, the exercise startup is removing classes featuring songs publishers claim were being used without proper licenses.  The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) and members Downtown Music Publishing, Pulse Music Publishing, ole, peermusic, Ultra Music, Big Deal Music, Reservoir, Round Hill, TRO Essex Music Group and The Royalty Network have accused Peloton of copyright infringement on more than 1,000 musical works and are seeking more than $150 million in damages.
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march 2019 by motiveunknown
Peloton faces $150M lawsuit over exercise music copyright
A group of music publishers have sued Peloton and are seeking more than $150 million in damages. They claim the streaming-exercise-class company used music from artists like Katy Perry, Drake, and Florida Georgia Line in thousands of exercise videos without the proper permissions. “Unfortunately, instead of recognizing the integral role of songwriters to its company, Peloton has built its business by using their work without their permission or fair compensation for years,” said David Israelite, president and CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association, in a statement.
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march 2019 by motiveunknown

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