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Bleistift - Any old pencil won't do
This is a blog about pencils and other stationery.
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2 days ago by bezthomas
The Difference of Good Ink on the iPad Pro
Review of note taking apps for iPad with Apple pencil
ipad  note  pencil 
17 days ago by rlamarch
Eberhard Faber letterhead
Sean at Blackwing Pages and Contrapuntalism passed on this scan of the Eberhard Faber letterhead, complete with telephone exchange name, cable address, diamond star trademark, and two-digit postal code. And trailing clouds of graphite, a bright, sharp no. 2 Mongol.
letters  Mongol  pencil 
22 days ago by M.Leddy
Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories - The New York Times
"Since 1889, the General Pencil Company has been converting huge quantities of raw materials (wax, paint, cedar planks, graphite) into products you can find, neatly boxed and labeled, in art and office-supply stores across the nation: watercolor pencils, editing pencils, sticks of charcoal, pastel chalks. Even as other factories have chased higher profit margins overseas, General Pencil has stayed put, cranking out thousands upon thousands of writing instruments in the middle of Jersey City."
christopher_payne  photo  photography  image  2018  2010s  1889  1880s  nytimes  pencil  factory  new_jersey  manufacturing  general_pencil 
4 weeks ago by cluebucket
New post (Dibujos de zapatos a lápiz . Pencil drawing of shoes. ) has been published on Best…
shoes  drawing  pencil  from twitter
4 weeks ago by wotek

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