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Tokyo Pen shop
Japanese pens, pencils, etc
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4 days ago by rakjr
Japanese pens pencils paper etc. In San Jose
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4 days ago by rakjr
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Custom Quote Coiled LifePlanner | Erin Condren posted at
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6 days ago by brenda_peregrine
10.000 Writing instruments in stock, Montblanc, Cross, S.T. Dupont, Waterman, Parker | Penworld » More than 10.000 pens in stock, fast delivery
Penworld is a family-run business that was founded in 1924, for several generations we have been following the evolution of the world of pens. Today the 4th generation can perfectly help you with choosing the writing instrument that perfectly suits your needs.

We are official dealer of luxury brands like, Montblanc, Graf von Faber-Castel, S.T. Dupont, Caran d'Ache, Lamy, Cross, Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Visconti, ....

Be sure to also also visit our shop in Antwerp when you have the chance.
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6 days ago by wardell
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Mini Medley Assorted Jewel Tones Soft Cover Notebooks, Set of 10 | Notebooks & Journals | Poppin posted at
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10 days ago by brenda_peregrine
In 1900, Waterman First gained notoriety at the Exposition Universelle In Paris, where it was awarded the gold medal of excellence, the highest accolade available. This early recognition would see Waterman adopted by the French public as an iconic mark, a sentiment that continues today with all our fine pens being made in France.

Long affiliated with the Waterman brand, Paris has always been a source of inspiration. From its world-renowned museums to its prominent literary scene, our vision has always drawn from the city's rich culture for the written word. Our collections of fine writing instruments epitomize Parisian style, representing a timeless display of taste and self-assurance.

Each Waterman pen is hand assembled and hand tested by a Waterman expert. From checking every nib for smoothness to making sure the quality of each pen is beyond magnificent. With every touch, we've grounded our legacy of crafting fine writing instruments that always give wings to limitless possibilities.

Over time we've redefined elegance as the perfect balance of beauty and innovation. We've devoted ourselves to making our pens emblems of elegance, meant to empower those that write with a Waterman to leave their mark of French sophistication.
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13 days ago by wardell
Official Homepage of Faber-Castell
Brand essentials

The “BRAND ESSENTIALS” define the core values of the Faber-Castell brand. They form the basis of what we do and how we do it – both within the company and in dealings with our customers, business partners, society and the environment. By preserving the core values of our brand, Faber-Castell remains unique throughout the world. Our Brand Essentials form the foundation for consistent brand management. They help us establish clear structures and guidelines and link and combine all areas of the company. In this way, we ensure sustainable growth.

Competence & Tradition

We use our competence based on our roots, our history, our experience and constant learning to shape our own future with entrepreneurial spirit. This guarantees a sound know-how to maintain or build a solid leadership, high degree of credibility and a strong global communication and distribution network based on fair partnership.

Outstanding Quality

We are determined to be the best of the class in all products and services. We respect the needs of the regional markets, always considering global requirements. We understand quality as ensuring:

clear point of difference, perceived and relevant added value
outstanding performance
characteristic and timeless design

Innovation & Creativity

We mean innovation and creativity as pioneering and providing continuous improvements to offer solutions with relevant benefits to end consumers. We stimulate our own creativity through an open working atmosphere, dedication, commitment and international interdisciplinary working teams.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We feel a consistent obligation and commitment towards people and environment. We practice our social responsibility within the company, with business partners and in the community. We prioritize and continuously search for environmental friendly processes and materials to contribute to planet preservation. We are ahead on anticipating future trends and impacts to accomplish our obligations and guarantee sustainability.
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13 days ago by wardell
A.T. Cross Pens - Executive Pen Gift Sets & Quality Mechanical Pencils | cross - US
The A. T. Cross Company is a major international manufacturer of fine writing instruments, timepieces, and personal accessories. Cross products are sold to consumers through fine stores worldwide and to the business gift market via a network of companies specializing in recognition programs.

Since Richard Cross made the first Cross product in 1846, we have re-invented the writing instrument category, combining design ingenuity with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. We were America's first manufacturer of quality writing instruments, and that means that we've been making pens people use, depend on and enjoy for a long time.

What we’re most proud of, though, isn’t all that’s changed since 1846. It’s what hasn’t changed. Headquartered in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island. A. T. Cross is proud to still be a part of the community we helped build. And we still make products unsurpassed in design and craftsmanship just as Richard Cross did one at a time and by hand.
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13 days ago by wardell
Montblanc Watches, Writing Instruments, Leather & Jewellery
Montblanc has been a consistently present beacon in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. Having been celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of writing instruments, we have since branched out in order to offer you exquisite watches, leather pieces, jewelry, fragrance and eyewear. Taking our name from the most prominent and highest summit in the Alps, Montblanc supports the conviction of preservation and opulence.

With operations in more than seventy countries, we at Montblanc tell our stories to a lively and varied audience. Selling our products exclusively through an international network of authorised retailers, jewelers and more than 360 boutiques, the brand Montblanc has become prominent in all corners of the globe.
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13 days ago by wardell
Sheaffer | Premium writing tools and accessories | sheaffer - US
At Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. we are proud to continue the tradition of innovation and quality craftsmanship that our founder, and original creative mind, Walter A. Sheaffer, envisioned way back in 1913. Starting as a backroom business with only seven employees, we’ve grown throughout the years into a top designer and manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools. Our American-grown company has been a world-wide lynchpin in the fine-writing industry and continues to set the bar above our competition with products that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity. Our employees come to work everyday with the same passion for excellence and drive that Walter A. Sheaffer and his family pioneered over 100 years ago.
Respect the Past

During the bank panic of 1873, Walter’s father, Jacob, had no alternative but to sell his jewelry store, and faced with virtual poverty, eleven year old Walter went to work. By 1889 Walter had earned enough cash to buy his own jewelry store in Fort Madison, Iowa. Walter moved to Iowa with his wife and two children, altered the history and economy for Fort Madison, and the fountain pen industry forever. In 1907, Walter A. Sheaffer used his jeweler expertise and aimed to create a device which would allow users to fill a pen with ink much easier, cleaner and aesthetically-pleasing. In 1912, Walter A. Sheaffer, dedicated his life savings to his idea of a pen-filling apparatus that initiates a lever system.

By the 1930’s, Sheaffer pens had solidified itself as a leader in the luxury pen market. The fountain pens were advertised as the pen that “fills instantly from any ink-well, with one touch of a finger.” Throughout the years we have maintained the desire for excellence and set forth expectations that provide our customers with a fine-writing instrument a step above the rest. Instantly, Sheaffer became a household name and must-have product in American homes.
Invent the Future


Sheaffer Pen Company is purchased by A.T. Cross and continues to grow and adapt to the changing market while holding fast to the original principles of its founder, Walter A. Sheaffer. The White Dot continues to symbolize pioneering change and innovation, and pushing past the limits to create a timeless masterpiece.


Sheaffer establishes ION collection. This portable, pocket-sized pen lets you write with quality craftsmanship wherever you go. With a stylish high-gloss resin and a pen cap that attaches to your key ring, the ION is a necessity for any student, nurse, doctor, or parent constantly on the move.
POP collection is introduced. POP allows consumers to express their mood and match their wardrobe with their pen now!

Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. continues the tradition by introducing a new line of innovative, cool and colorful tools of expression for all the curious minds out there. To make things more exciting, we teamed up with creative minds and artists from around the world, and gave them complete freedom to express their creativity. We were curious to see their unique perspective because that is the essence of who we are! The artwork can be found on our current collection lines, and will be seen on our growing list of products, such as calligraphy sets and other art supplies.

Let’s write the future together!
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13 days ago by wardell
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A.O. Scott, New York Times film critic, keeping it analog.
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17 days ago by M.Leddy

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