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Pilot Vanishing Point Raden Water Surface | Nibs
This is currently my grail pen. The raden finish is beautiful. It’s made with abalone shell.
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4 days ago by jefframnani
Mark One
Metal pen with a ceramic finish. Built around the Schmidt refill, but also can take Parker pen refills. By studio neat.
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5 days ago by jefframnani
Kellyanne Conway, as heard on CNN a little while ago, talking about Donald Trump’s preparation for his State of the Union address: “He Sharpied up a lot of the passages.”
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5 days ago by M.Leddy
Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel - Fine Nib - JetPens
The Liliput is the smallest member of Kaweco's fountain pen lineup and among the smallest fountain pens in the world that use standard international short ink cartridges. Threading on the end of the barrel allows the cap to be screwed on securely, bringing the pen to a comfortable, full-sized length while in use. Originally introduced in 1910, the Liliput was re-released in 2011 and is available in a variety of attractive materials and finishes. This Stainless Steel pen is constructe...
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6 days ago by npdoty
Dynamic Immersion Method
Geno thinks in one language and speaks in another, and when Geno speaks in Russian, loose and fluid, it’s surprising, even if Sid has no idea what he's saying, particularly after they’ve both been drinking, Geno more so.
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12 days ago by wolfgrin

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