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Analog rising
“Sales of stationery and cards are actually up among younger and youngish people”: so says Marketplace Morning Report.
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yesterday by M.Leddy
Rollerball Pens That Use Fountain Pen Ink | Unsharpen
You might be wondering, why is this a question? Why not just use a standard rollerball or gel refill? If you check out Unsharpen’s Ink Types Guide, you’ll see that while rollerball ink is great, fountain pen ink is quite special. Not only is fountain pen ink the most versatile ink type by a long shot, it also has the most variations in color and consistency of any ink type. Once you are no longer bound by the refill size and shape then the limits come off and companies go wild with the formulas.
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8 days ago by Chirael
nsangimwanawange[👻] on Twitter: ""the computer has moved us away from scripture into some other dimension which is writing in light"" / Twitter
“I think the computer has moved us away from scripture into some other dimension which is “writing in light”. It is really nearer to the oral tradition than the typewriter is. The typewriter is an extension of the pen. The computer is getting as close as you can to the spoken word–in fact it will eventually I think be activated by voice and it will be possible to sit in front of the computer and say your poem and have it seen.” –Kamau Brathwaite
kamaubrathwaite  secondaryorality  orality  typewriters  pens  computing  computers  writing  howwewrite  typing  spokenword  oraltradition  speechtotext 
13 days ago by robertogreco

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