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Sherrod Brown: Rumpled, Unvarnished and Just Maybe a Candidate for President - The New York Times
One after another, the Democratic candidates in Ohio fell.

But there was Senator Sherrod Brown celebrating his re-election last Tuesday night at a hotel ballroom before a crowd of anxious revelers.

If his victory speech seemed to double as a calling card for a possible presidential run, there was good reason. Not only had Mr. Brown won his third term in this crucial battleground that President Trump claimed by eight points, he was the only major Democrat to win a statewide seat in Ohio.
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Salon: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins the rigged conservative shame game — by refusing to play
andria Ocasio-Cortez can’t win.

She can and did win at the political ground game that propelled her to a primary victory over longtime incumbent Joe Crowley, leading to her decisive election to represent New York’s 14th congressional district, and in January she’ll become the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress. That’s the win that counts, by the way — and the people who are offended by her youth, by her outspoken progressive stances on policy issues, by her refusal to pretend that a run for office in America isn’t still overwhelmingly tilted in favor of the affluent established white male, they know it. Her detractors can’t grant her even begrudgingly the respect that her remarkable victory demands and consider that she represents a new generation of American voter, so they look for other fights to pick. Handily, Ocasio-Cortez is a woman of color in America, so there’s no shortage of grotesque assumptions and biases in the collective psyche to mine.
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you should get a restaurant job to learn humility and the ability to
multitask. But the real is that there is an innate beauty in providing to
someone_  especially  people  you  care  about_  food  of  which  you  are  proud. 
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Home - Aira : Aira
2018-10-17 on SiriusXm Launchpad
Professor Karl T. Ulrich
three questions that have to be answered in innovation:
1-how significant is the need?
2-does your solution meet the need?
3-can you make money at it?
something that lets blind people see
22 million legally blind in US alone
be  my  eyes  augmented  reality  glasses  ada  disability  service  blind  people  low  sight  something  that  lets  see  livestream  livestreaming  pov  user  subscription 
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Shirley Chisholm - Wikipedia
Portrait of Chisholm by Kadir Nelson
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