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Git for Windows tip: Use P4Merge as mergetool – danlimerick
I recently found P4Merge (thank you Twitter and Git Immersion) and instantly dropped WinMerge as my standard diff/merge tool. I really like the way it visualises the differences and the 3-way merge is really nicely done. P4Merge is the merge tool for Perforce (which I have never used) and is both free and can be…
git  diff  perforce  mergetool 
9 weeks ago by sbseltzer
Installing P4 // P4 User's Guide
How to install p4 command-line utility on macOS
macOS  perforce 
december 2018 by piggahmonster
Assembla | Enterprise Cloud Version Control
Assembla is the only multi-repository platform in the world offering NextGen SVNTM, Git and Perforce, all in the Cloud. Manage all of your repos from a central, secure control point with industry leading compliance and security.
git  subversion  perforce  scm  hosting 
april 2018 by ssorc

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