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Downloads - OpenEdge Performance Tuning
OpenEdge performance tuning can be difficult to understand for the beginner. While some concepts are shared with other databases there are some specific issues that apply to OpenEdge. ABL (or 4GL) queries need to be tuned differently than SQL. Type I and II areas have different performance characteristics.
openedge  performance  programming  databases 
yesterday by kger
CAE Ultra Shifter RACE MINI F56, 859,00 €
CAE Ultra Shifter F56 6 speed RACE VERSION for using original gearshift cables
MiniCooper  shopping  F56  F55  performance  becauseracecar 
yesterday by rmohns
namebench DNS benchmark
Un outil pour diagnostiquer la performance de son DNS et en recommandé des meilleurs pour accélérer son internet.
google  network  internet  dns  performance  domain  testing  tools  speed 
yesterday by vitaminCPP
What are creative strategy craft skills? – David J Carr – Medium
Instead ‘The Creative Strategy Craft Skills Matrix’ is a first draft at a framework to think about where we can focus training and development, a framework on which we can develop a future proof portrait of the Creative Strategist who can navigate novelty but remain true to the values and principles of those who came before.
career  craft  creativestrategy  development  evaluation  framework  levels  performance  planning  reference  skills  strategy  training 
yesterday by eugenexxv
CSS at Scale: LinkedIn’s New Open Source Projects Take on Stylesheet Performance
Browsers use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the appearance of websites. From borders, fonts, and colors to layout, images, and animations, there are roughly 500 different style properties that can be declared with CSS. These properties are what make the visual diversity of the internet possible for your handheld device, desktop browser, and even your printer. Understanding the myriad style properties is a challenge for any front-end developer, but if you want to start an argument, bring up the question of how CSS selectors (the queries that assign style declarations to HTML elements) should be structured.
css  performance  optimization 
yesterday by tedw
The Complete Guide to the ELK Stack - 2018 -
Production environments produce massive files filled with endless lines of text in the form of log files. Together, these different open source products are most commonly used for centralized logging in IT environments (though there are many more use cases for the ELK Stack including business intelligence, security and compliance, and web analytics). Logstash collects and parses logs, and then Elasticsearch indexes and stores the information. Kibana then presents the data in visualizations that provide actionable insights into one’s environment.
analytics  logging  sysadmin  debugging  docker  performance  monitoring 
yesterday by cyberchucktx

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