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(PDF) Encoding, Fast and Slow: Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads
8 Conclusion
ExCamera is a cloud-based video-processing framework that we envision as the backend for interactive video ap- plications. It can edit, transform, and encode a video, including 4K and VR material, with low latency.
The system makes two major contributions: a frame- work to run general-purpose parallel computations on a commercial “cloud function” service with low latency, and a video encoder built with this framework that achieves fine-grained parallelism without harming com- pression efficiency.
ExCamera suggests that an explicit state-passing style, which exposes the internal state of a video encoder and decoder, is a useful interface that can enable substantial gains for video-processing workloads—applications that will only grow in importance. We encourage the develop- ers of video codecs to implement such abstractions.
aws  lambda  performance  video  ffmpeg 
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Meltdown, Spectre and Linux on AWS: Security vs Performance? · Cevo
The recent announcement of the Meltdown and Spectre attacks against bugs in Intel (and other) CPUs has attracted rapid response from many vendors; Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) response shows that they’ve already patched and protected their infrastructure but you still have work to do. AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model means that you are responsible for patching the operating system running on your EC2 instances, and this is where things get … complicated.

meltdown  aws  pcid  performance 
yesterday by pwesolek
NDBench: Benchmarking Microservices at Scale
Vinay Chella and Ioannis Papapanagiotou designed a benchmarking system for Netflix's Cloud platform that can mimic the performance of production use cases. They showcase how the deployment, management, and monitoring of multiple instances can be done from a single entry-point (UI). They also show how they integrated a benchmarking tool into their release lifecycle.
benchmarking  testing  performance 
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