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plink plonk - dom changes make noise
Copy this into the console of any web page that is interactive and doesn't
do hard reloads. You will hear your DOM changes as different pitches of
performance  dom  webaudio 
yesterday by delambo
pzolee / tcpserver / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

This program is designed for WiFi Speed Test for Android application for server side of local computers.

If you have never heard about this program, you can find more details and information in my blog:
internet  performance  wifi  networking  tool  free  python  linux  windows  benchmark  bitbucket  links  support 
yesterday by ezequiel
Performance for Designers Part 2: Images - Calibre
Images are crucial to establishing a brand, portraying ideas, people and products. It’s hard to imagine the web without them. The importance of visuals cannot be understated, especially in industries such as news reporting, travel or e-commerce. Yet, images continue to be one of the most significant contributors to bad performance and user experience, accounting for 75% page weight. The average page weight is 7MB, 5.2MB of which is images.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  performance  images 
yesterday by spaceninja
Laurie Anderson | feature 2
The Waters Reglitterized
'For the last year I’ve been on the road doing a solo performance 'The End of the Moon'.
2005  LaurieAnderson  UweJHaack  music  performance  shortlist  NewYorck  USA 
yesterday by shortlist_cxc
Optimize Your Libraries with Webpack
Using a library in your webpack project? Use these tips to make your bundle smaller!
webpack  optimization  performance  babel  lodash  moment  react 
yesterday by spaceninja
latency: a primer
visualizing system latency - brendan gregg
metrics  performance 
2 days ago by cwensel

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