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OptimalBits/bull: Premium Queue package for handling jobs and messages in NodeJS.
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1 hour ago by orlin
What is Futhark? | Futhark - A High Performance Functional Array Language
What is Futhark?

Futhark is a small programming language designed to be compiled to efficient parallel code. It is a statically typed, data-parallel, and purely functional array language in the ML family, and comes with a heavily optimising ahead-of-time compiler that presently generates GPU code via OpenCL, although the language itself is hardware-agnostic. As a simple example, this function computes the average of an array of 64-bit floating-point numbers:

let average (xs: []f64) = reduce (+) 0.0 xs / r64 (length xs)
Quick links
User’s guide
Language reference
Library reference
Futhark is not designed for graphics programming, but instead uses the compute power of the GPU to accelerate data-parallel array computations. The language supports regular nested data-parallelism, as well as a form of imperative-style in-place modification of arrays, while still preserving the purity of the language via the use of a uniqueness type system.
proglang  gpu  performance 
yesterday by euler
Using data selectors for JavaScript functionality | Blog | Decade City
When building websites class and ID selectors are used to provide hooks for both CSS styling and JavaScript functionality. Whilst this i...
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