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Small boat building - High performance plywood designs - sail & motor - YouTube
Small boat building - High performance plywood designs - sail & motor
Small  boat  building  -  High  performance  plywood  designs  sail  &  motor  1st 
7 hours ago by kilroy2
Health Checks and Graceful Degradation in Distributed Systems
The Need for Feedback Loops when applying Backpressure
Matt Ranney has a phenonemal blog post about unbounded concurrency and the need for backpressure in Node.js. The entire post is well worth a read, but the biggest takeaway (at least for me) was the need for feedback loops between a process and its downstream (usually a load balancer, but sometimes this could also be another service).
The trick is, when resources are exhausted, something, somewhere, has to give. As demand increases, you can’t magically get more performance forever. To limit incoming work, a good first step is some kind of site-wide rate limiting, by IP address, user, session, or hopefully something meaningful to the application. Many load balancers can do rate limiting in a way that’s more sophisticated than
monitoring  performance  concurrency 
10 hours ago by janpeuker

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