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Electron is flash for the desktop
Performance matters. Memory usage matters. […] Slow is a bug. The fastest program is the one you don't run. So stop embedding the entirety of chrome in your app.
electron  performance  dev 
2 hours ago by lorenzck
Software disenchantment @
Only in software, it’s fine if a program runs at 1% or even 0.01% of the possible performance. Everybody just seems to be ok with it. People are often even proud about how much inefficient it is, as in “why should we worry, computers are fast enough”.
rant  dev  performance  electron 
2 hours ago by lorenzck
"In this lecture performance Grada Kilomba explores forms of Decolonizing Knowledge using printed work, writing exercises, performative narrative, and visual art, as forms of alternative knowledge production. Kilomba raises questions concerning the concepts of knowledge, race and gender: “What is acknowledged as knowledge? Whose knowledge is this? Who is acknowledged to produce knowledge?” This project exposes not only the violence of classic knowledge production, but also how this violence is performed in academic, cultural and artistic spaces, which determine both who can speak and what we can speak about.To touch this colonial wound, she creates a hybrid space where the boundaries between the academic and the artistic languages confine, transforming the configurations of knowledge and power. Using a collage of her literary and visual work, Grada Kilomba initiates a dialogue of multiple narratives who speak, interrupt, and appropriate the ‘normal’ and continuous coloniality in which we reside. The audience is invited to participate, and to re-imagine the concept of knowledge anew, by opening new spaces for decolonial thinking."

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gradakilomba  performance  decolonization  speaking  listening  2015  knowledge  narrative  art  knowledgeproduction  unschooling  deschooling  colonialism  academia  highered  highereducation  storytelling  bellhooks  participation  participatory  theory  thinking  howwethink  africa  slavery  frantzfanon  audrelorde  knowing  portugal 
7 hours ago by robertogreco
Progressive Tooling
A list of community-built, third-party tools that can be used to improve page performance
web  performance  accessibility  tool  collection  list  programming 
8 hours ago by vicchow
kuncajs/Less-Appcache: Framework which enables to create dynamic HTML5 appcaches (in style like LESS enhance CSS).
Framework which enables to create appcaches in style like LESS.js enhance CSS. Allows dynamic creation of application manifests.

It is distributed under Apache licence.

Application manifest
Every offline web application concentrates on a cache manifest file. The manifest file is a list of all the files the application has to download and store and also a set of rules how the application should behave when it reaches an unavailable resource.

How it works?
It is an extension of the language of manifest files and also a processing tool capable of parsing these files and generate proper appcache manifests completely written in Java SE 7. Files should use .lesscache extension to determine extension of .appcache/.manifest file.

Key features
add resources dynamically by regular expressions or globs
use @import to create modules to make offline just parts of your complex applications offline
checks whether resources really exist and warns user if they do not, that a typo might occur
create version comment based on last modified file of listed resources
checks syntax and errors in appcache (multiply defined namespaces in fallback and more...)
html5  github  thesis  performance 
9 hours ago by ndf
How We Increased Our Plugin's Javascript Performance by 200%
A few tips on how we increased the performance of our Javascript-heavy WordPress plugin using Chrome's Timeline Profiler, FastDom, and a few JS guidelines.
10 hours ago by athaeryn
Analyzing Amazon Aurora Slow Logs with pt-query-digest - Percona Database Performance Blog
If you get misleading MySQL results analyzing Amazon Aurora slow logs with pt-query-digest, you may need to use the workround described here by Abbas Ahmed.
mysql  performance 
10 hours ago by sjelfull

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