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Here's how to battle zombie debt - The Washington Post
Each state has a statute of limitations on unpaid debt. But even written-off debt can hurt credit score, and applications for loans or rental housing.
11 days ago by noiseguy
Why a Roth IRA trumps a traditional 401(k) - The Washington Post
Many seniors dislike RMDs, which force them to withdraw money from retirement accounts even if they don't need the money.
perspective  retirement 
11 days ago by noiseguy
The eroding life for the Batek of Kuala Koh, Malaysia’s last hunter-gatherers - The Washington Post
As rainforests burn in the Amazon and in Southeast Asia, indigenous inhabitants are being wiped out by the consequences of unfettered resource extraction.
perspective  photography 
12 days ago by noiseguy
Boeing is the business turkey of 2019 for its short cuts and safety lapses - The Washington Post
The two crashes involving Boeing’s 738 Max killed more than 300 and created chaos in the skies
aviation  perspective  business 
13 days ago by noiseguy
Trump'€™s xenophobia is an American tradition -€” but it doesn'€™t have to be - The Washington Post
Some have always pushed to keep out immigrants, but people have always fought back, too.
14 days ago by noiseguy
The diplomatic corps has been wounded. The State Department needs to heal. - The Washington Post
The decision to provide financial assistance to staffers subpoenaed in the House impeachment inquiry is a welcome move for those who hired lawyers.
14 days ago by noiseguy
For immigrant families, Thanksgiving blends the old and the new. How very American. - The Washington Post
The holiday may be centered on some traditional foods, but the real tradition is gratitude.
14 days ago by noiseguy
Before he died by suicide, pastor Jarrid Wilson taught us to care for people struggling with mental illness - The Washington Post
He had started a nonprofit to help people struggling with depression, mental illness and suicidal thoughts.
perspective  health 
15 days ago by noiseguy
How elite colleges can atone for their history with slavery - The Washington Post
HBCUs are suffering financially. Helping them out would be a good start toward justice.
perspective  college  history 
17 days ago by noiseguy
There is no 'deep state'€™ - but maybe there should be - The Washington Post
The Savings and Loan crisis revealed how important independent technocrats insulated from politics are.
government  perspective 
17 days ago by noiseguy

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