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FourSquare and Social Business Design « Dachis Group Collaboratory | Social Business Design
# Relies on content generated by personal profiles and places, which come together in time-sensitive relationships. It also utilizes emerging technologies reaching critical mass. We call this an ecosystem.
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november 2009 by litmanlive
Being Peter Kim: Working this weekend?
'In the U.S., most workers have been employed for the past 80 years under a mental model of working five days a week, eight hours a day. Working outside of those limits tends to create dissonance with the concept of work-life balance. Most white-collar workers regularly put in more time, but use the old standard to gauge how much extra effort they're contributing. Today, social technology allows us to always be on and toggle quickly between work and personal activities. We don't work in big chunks of 5 vs. 2 days or within a block between 8 am and 5 pm anymore - we work and live our lives in much more finely sliced segments.

Strangely enough, the cadence of our work seems to resemble life before the industrial revolution, albeit with a much higher standard of living. And I'm not sure if things are getting better or worse.'
futureoftheworkplace  work  worknomad  workplace  peterkim 
august 2009 by natasjagiezen
Being Peter Kim: The headfake
You happen to notice a familiar name on a conference badge among the dozens passing by in the hallway and it's your online buddy.

But you didn't recognize him/her because...they look nothing like their avatar picture. Well. I've decided on an appropriate term to describe this phenomenon: the headfake.
peterkim  headfake  twitter  onlineindentity  socialmedia 
may 2009 by litmanlive

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