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yesterday by maluta
The way we think about charity is dead wrong | Dan Pallotta - YouTube
Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend -- not for what they get done. Instead of equating frugality with morality, he asks us to start rewarding charities for their big goals and big accomplishments (even if that comes with big expenses). In this bold talk, he says: Let's change the way we think about changing the world.

"You want to make $50 million selling violent video games to kids, go for it! We'll put you on the cover of Wired magazine! But you wanna make half a million dollars trying to cure kids of malaria and you're considered a parasite yourself."
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8 days ago by cmananian
Charities with Perfect Scores : Charity Navigator
The exceptional charities on this list execute their missions in a fiscally responsible way while adhering to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities. Each has earned perfect scores for its Financial Health and its Accountability & Transparency. Those two scores then translate into a perfect 100 point overall score. Less than one percent of the thousands of charities rated by Charity Navigator have earned perfect scores.  

We applaud these charities for exceeding industry standards and outperforming other organizations performing similar work.
8 days ago by cmananian
Why Are Rich People So Mean? | WIRED
The Spanish word aislar means both “to insulate” and “to isolate,” which is what most of us do when we get more money. We buy a car so we can stop taking the bus. We move out of the apartment with all those noisy neighbors into a house behind a wall. We stay in expensive, quiet hotels rather than the funky guest houses we used to frequent. We use money to insulate ourselves from the risk, noise, inconvenience. But the insulation comes at the price of isolation. Our comfort requires that we cut ourselves off from chance encounters, new music, unfamiliar laughter, fresh air, and random interaction with strangers. Researchers have concluded again and again that the single most reliable predictor of happiness is feeling embedded in a community. In the 1920s, around 5 percent of Americans lived alone. Today, more than a quarter do—the highest levels ever, according to the Census Bureau. Meanwhile, the use of antidepressants has increased over 400 percent in just the past twenty years and abuse of pain medication is a growing epidemic. Correlation doesn’t prove causation, but those trends aren’t unrelated. Maybe it’s time to ask some impertinent questions about formerly unquestionable aspirations, such as comfort, wealth, and power.
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10 days ago by inspiral
Charitable Partnership Fund
fiscal sponsor for Gather Make Shelter
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11 days ago by zryb
UW Medicine receives $50 million donation to create brain institute |
The University of Washington medical school has received a $50 million donation to create an institute focused on developing treatments for brain disorders. Jurgen Unutzer is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Psychiatry  philanthropy  Unutzer.Jurgen 
14 days ago by UWMedicine
UW Medicine receives $50 million donation to start brain institute | The Seattle Times
A pair of philanthropists from Bellevue have given $50 million to UW Medicine to create an institute focused on developing treatments for brain disorders such as addiction, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Jurgen Unutzer is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Psychiatry  Unutzer.Jurgen  philanthropy 
14 days ago by UWMedicine
They Inherited Wealth and Now They Want to Give It All Away
The nation's richest people never expected the real revolution would come from inside their own families.
wealth  politics  philanthropy  charity  social  activism 
15 days ago by dartagan
Colleges got $60M-plus from OxyContin family
Prestigious universities around the world have accepted at least $60 million over the past five years from the family that owns the maker of OxyContin, even as the company became embroiled in lawsuits related to the opioid epidemic, financial records show.
19 days ago by MF_reads
Charities Dedicated to Women and Girls Receive 1.6% of All Donations, Study Finds - The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Only 3.3 percent of all nonprofits in the United States are dedicated to helping women and girls, according to a new study. Those organization received $6.3 billion from individuals, foundations, and corporations in 2016, or about 1.6 percent of all charitable giving that year.

Of that amount, the greatest share, $1.2 billion, went to nonprofits dedicated to women’s and girls’ general health. Reproductive health and family planning followed, with $1 billion in donations.

The study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, titled Women & Girls Index: Measuring Giving to Women’s and Girls’ Causes, identified 45,000 U.S. nonprofits that are dedicated to women and girls.

Additional findings:

Organizations dedicated to women and girls tend to be smaller than other charities in terms of finances and human resources.
Such charities receive about 3.1 percent of all donor-advised-fund dollars given from 2012 to 2015.
The top women’s and girls’ organization was the Johns Hopkins University Jhpiego Corporation, which received nearly $333.5 million in 2016. It was followed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which got $226.8 million that year.
19 days ago by MF_reads

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