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Marathon de Berlin : les leçons d'un record - Le Point" />
La philosophie de cela, c'est qu'il faut partir vite, puis faire du lâcher-prise en milieu de parcours, pour mieux rebondir à la fin, une formule qui peut s'appliquer à la vie en général.

Au fond, ce que j'apprends aux gens, c'est à lâcher prise et à renouer avec leur soi. Les objets connectés ne servent qu'à reconnecter les gens avec leurs sensations, pour mieux se passer à terme des objectés connectés.
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yesterday by nccollignon
The Earth is Flat |   Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe
The scientific method has been tremendously successful in explaining the workings of our world. It led to exponential expansion of science and technology that started in the 19th century and continues to this day. We are so used to its successes that we are betting the future of humanity on it. Usually when somebody attacks the scientific method, they are coming from the background of obscurantism. Such attacks are easily rebuffed or dismissed. What I’m arguing is that science is not a property of the Universe, but rather a construct of our limited brains. We have developed some very sophisticated tools to create models of the Universe based on the principle of composition. Mathematics is the study of various ways of composing things and physics is applied composition. There is no guarantee, however, that the Universe is decomposable. Assuming that would be tantamount to postulating that its structure revolves around human brains, just like we used to believe that the Universe revolves around Earth.
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yesterday by beajeanm

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