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The Two Cultures 2017: Merit versus Brilliance |
There are two ways of justifying your power — merit and brilliance. You make a show of working hard to get results (merit); or you make a show of getting results without working hard (brilliance). “The Merit Culture’s tropes are quantitative research, evidence, credentials, and detail. The Culture of Brilliance believes that success is a matter of personal and spontaneous genius. It values felicitous answers, quick responses, and narrative excitement. Too much work is a tell of mediocrity
brain  thinking  philosophy  leadership  brilliance  merit 
3 days ago by JohnDrake
THE FRENCH INVASION - Essay by Cynthia L. Haven
Most academic conferences feel like sleepy affairs. Here's the story of the insane one that brought about a sea change in literary theory

lol story about lacan's silk pants.
philosophy  structuralism  post-structuralism  hegel  derrida  lacan 
4 days ago by diasyrmus
Design Principles
Fledgling site intended to collect (but not yet curate?) examples of design principles verbalized by sites or people who are successful.
design  guide  list  philosophy  interactive 
4 days ago by dogrover
Subjective Logic | Audun Jøsang
Extension of binary and probabilistic logic to include subjective opinions. Extends further to formalize the nature of derived trust, and subjective bayesian belief networks.
ai  philosophy  reference  statistics  math  probability  reason 
4 days ago by dogrover

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