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The Obama-Xi Cyber Agreement - Lawyers, Guns & Money
My favorite part was the FBI calling the DNC IT help desk to tell them they were being hacked. The DNC thought they were kooks // and rightly so.
phishing  security  trump  elections  wikileaks 
2 hours ago by yorksranter
Expired Domains | Daily Updated Domain Lists for 388 TLDs
Service to tell you about expired names which have history/juice
expired  DNS  domain  name  list  service  security  hacking  pentesting  phishing  SEO 
7 days ago by asteroza
Don’t touch that link: Machine learning and the war on phishing | Ars Technica
We can catch phishes before they're even cast—using real-time data and open source code.
phishing  2fhg 
9 days ago by jchris

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