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tokyo  photography 
2 hours ago by summerwind
Do you look like your dog?
Pair up the dogs with their owners in this hilarious card game. Fifty cards depict fun photographs of the dogs and owners, and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends.
humour  games  dogs  pets  photography 
4 hours ago by terry
Uncanny resemblances between classic dog breeds and humans captured by Gerrard Gethings
For the memory game Do You Look Like Your Dog? Gethings spent a year creating images that examine the classic trope of owners looking just like their canine friends. The new game presents 25 matches, which include a long-haired Afghan and equally silky-haired owner, a messy-haired kid and his scruffy puppy, and Schnauzer with a matching beard to his leather jacket-clad owner.
photography  humour  pets  dogs  games 
4 hours ago by terry
Pros and Cons of Upgrading from a Phone to a Real Camera
You may have guessed from my use of the phrase real camera in the title that this article may contain some bias. Everything I write does to some degree, that’s normal. Hopefully, though my experience is helpful to you when you come to think about upgrading.
inoreader  photography 
7 hours ago by fwhamm
The First Photo from the Asteroid Japan Just Landed Rovers On
Japan just made history by landing two small rovers on the surface of an asteroid hurtling through space 174 million miles (280 million km) from Earth, and here’s the first published photo from the rovers shot from the surface of 162173 Ryugu.
The photo “was taken during a hop on the surface and you can feel this dynamic movement” in the motion blur, the Japanese space agency JAXA writes.
The asteroid measures about 0.6 miles (1km) in diameter and was discovered back in 1999. JAXA’s Hayabusa-2 spacecraft sent the two rovers to the space rock on Friday, and the rovers will be gathering photos and data as they hop across the asteroid. Due to the low gravity, the rovers spend 15 minutes in the “air” for each 15-meter (49-foot) hop.
Hayabusa-2 arrived at the asteroid in June 2018 after a 3.5-year, 1.99-billion-mile (3.2-billion-km) trip from Earth. Here’s the series of photos that were shared through the approach, dispatch, landing, and initial hops...
space  astronomy  photography  japan 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
APOD: 2018 September 24 - Rover 1A Hops on Asteroid Ryugu
Explanation: Two small robots have begun hopping around the surface of asteroid Ryugu. The rovers, each the size of a small frying pan, move around the low gravity of kilometer-sized 162173 Ryugu by hopping, staying aloft for about 15 minutes and typically landing again several meters away. On Saturday, Rover 1A returned an early picture of its new home world, on the left, during one of its first hops. On Friday, lander MINERVA-II-1 detached from its mothership Hayabusa2, dropped Rovers 1A and 1B, and then landed on Ryugu. Studying Ryugu could tell humanity not only about Ryugu's surface and interior, but about what materials were available in the early Solar System for the development of life. Two more hopping rovers are planned for release, and Hayabusa2 itself is scheduled to collect a surface sample from Ryugu and return it to Earth for detailed analysis before 2021.
space  astronomy  photography  APOD  japan 
12 hours ago by rgl7194

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