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This Solar System Photo Was Shot From a Photographer's Backyard
Check out this family portrait of our solar system. It’s a composite photo created by a single astrophotographer who photographed the planets from his own backyard in Sacramento, California.
Photographer Andrew McCarthy shot the individual photos with a Sony a7 II camera, Canon 60D, ZWO ASI224MC color astronomy camera, Orion XT10 telescope, Meade 2120 telescope, and Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro equatorial mount.
The background Milky Way photo was shot using the Meade telescope with a Canon 60D and 28-80mm lens (at 28mm). It’s a single 2-minute exposure at f/9 and ISO 3200.
Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter were captured with the Orion telescope and ZWO camera using 8,000 to 10,000 frames each that were then stacked in Autostakkert. Uranus was shot with the Orion, Skywatcher, and Sony a7 II using a single 30-second exposure at ISO 6400.
The ISS was shot using the Orion and ZWO with 25,000 frames captured (with 25 handpicked frames aligned and stacked). Comet 46p/Wirtanen was shot with the Orion, Skywatcher, and Sony a7 II with 60 separate 30-second exposures at ISO 6400.
The Moon was captured with the Orion, Skywatcher, and ZWO with 1,000 frames. The Sun was shot with the Orion, Skywatcher, and Sony a7 II as a single 1/200s exposure at ISO 50.
Once he had all the individual photos he needed, McCarthy arranged the objects over the Milky Way background using Photoshop. Here’s a closer look at the composite photo that resulted...
photography  astronomy 
4 hours ago by rgl7194
Ron Martinsen's Photography Blog: Things You Need AFTER You Buy Your New Camera - Must Have Photography Accessories
So you've got that shiny new camera you’ve always wanted for yourself, or you’ve just bought one for your significant other – now what? -==- One of the fatal mistakes that people make when moving up from a camera phone or point and shoot to a mirrorless or DSLR camera is that they fail to budget for the wealth of accessories that they’ll eventually need to buy to make the most of their investment. It’s like going from Putt Putt to real Golf where there are lots of tools of the trade needed to get the best results.
photography  howto 
6 hours ago by jchris
Ron Martinsen's Photography Blog: REVIEW: On-Camera Flash – Techniques for Digital Wedding & Portrait Photography
Let me just cut to this chase – this book by Neil van Niekerk is simply fantastic! This is the book you’ve been waiting for, and it should be considered an instant classic! Why? Because everyone knows how hard it is to get good results out of their on-camera flash, so we spend hundreds of dollars on light modifiers to try to get Joe McNally caliber results, yet no matter how hard we try our flash shots still end up sucking! Well my friends, the solution to your problems are here and no rocket science degree or expensive gear is required to get top caliber results. Read on to understand why I like this book so much!
photography  flash  book  review 
6 hours ago by jchris
Remove Background from Image –
Remove Image Background: 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click
image  design  images  tools  background  photography  photoshop  tool  photo  photos 
7 hours ago by atran
A Photo Essay Rebuttal to May Day | VodkaPundit
Will Collier found an amazing essay from photographer Stefan Koppelkamm. He toured East Germany just after the Wall was knocked down (it did not "fall") -- and then went back this century to shoot the same locations. The before-and-afters will shock you. Do yourself a favor and click the link t...
european-history  photography 
8 hours ago by Kjaleshire
A Lifetime Review of the Canon 5D Mark II | Fstoppers
I am a firm believer that you are going to get better images with a camera that you have had for longer and know like the back of your hand than you will with the latest camera that you have only owned for a year. But I am a technophobe, so take from that what you will.

I also have creative directors ask for heavy crops after the fact if the creative direction has been changed after the shoot. Having another 30-70 megapixels to throw away would be useful and save tricky conversations.
photography  frugal 
9 hours ago by craniac
9 thoughts on Trump serving Clemson fast food -
I have just realised what this reminds me of - that German photographer who specialises in Lots of American Stuff In Neat Lines
trump  photography  kitsch  mcdonalds 
9 hours ago by yorksranter
Create a Home for Your Stories - Exposure
Exposure is a modern publishing platform for photographers and visual storytellers. It’s the simple way to create and share your unique photo stories.
photography  portfolio  storytelling 
15 hours ago by koencolpaert

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