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Physics Forums | Science Articles, Homework Help, Discussion
Join the world's largest and highest quality physics community. Find experts discussing the latest physics research. Students can request homework help for all sciences. We offer STEM career and academic counseling.
physics  community  opinion  forum  online 
8 hours ago by chrisbuchholz
PHD Comics - Your Research Focus
"Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia.
science  comics  physics  humor 
10 hours ago by liqweed
Computational periscopy with an ordinary digital camera | Nature
Here we introduce a two-dimensional computational periscopy technique that requires only a single photograph captured with an ordinary digital camera.
camera  photography  physics  research  science  magic 
17 hours ago by ssorc
Is the universe pro-life? The Fermi paradox can help explain — Quartz
"Living things are just a better way for nature to dissipate energy and increase the universe’s entropy."
physics  biology  life 
yesterday by cavazos
PHYS771 Lecture 19: Time Travel
In other words, if closed timelike curves existed, then quantum computers would be no more powerful than classical ones.
physics  quantumcomputing  timetravel 
2 days ago by neomindryan
Entropy Explained, With Sheep
An explorable blog post about entropy, with sheep.
physics  science  entropy  learning  education 
3 days ago by garrettc

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