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Pinboard: Export
This page lets you export all your Pinboard bookmarks.
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21 hours ago by darkwater
The founder of Pinboard on why understanding fandom is good for business
Subscription-based bookmarking site Pinboard is a one-man operation, founded and maintained by former Yahoo engineer and slightly eccentric Silicon Valley figure Maciej Cegłowski. Last week, it managed to acquire its longtime rival, Delicious, for a paltry $35,000, in what appeared on its surface to be a standard story of dog-eat-dog. But behind every boring story is a smaller, more interesting story. Delicious may be largely lost to the internet, but it leaves behind a valuable lesson on understanding users — specifically those that belong to a massive online subculture.
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yesterday by NightOwlCity
Finally I Can Highlight The Web – Anders Thoresson – Medium
Paperback has one important trick up it’s sleeve.
Whenever I select a few sentences in the article I read, I have the option to add that part to the bookmark’s notes on Pinboard. No more copying and pasting. And subsequent sentences that are selected are appended to the note.
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yesterday by mediapathic
My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT (Pinboard Blog)
IFTTT made demands on developers. Here is one developer's response.
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yesterday by jeromekatz

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