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Ceglowski Testimony 5-7-19.pdf
"The internet economy in 2019 is dominated by five American tech companies: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. These are also the five most valuable corporations in the world, with a combined market capitalization exceeding four trillion dollars. Between them, these companies control the market for online advertising, mobile and desktop operating systems, office software, document storage, search, cloud computing, and many other areas of the digital economy. They also own and operate a significant portion of the physical infrastructure of the internet, and act as its de facto regulating authority.

The concentration of power in the hands of these giant firms is the epilogue to a spectacular story of American innovation and dynamism. The technologies underpinning the internet were all developed here in the United States, and the many fortunes that they produced owe their thanks to fruitful cooperation between government, industry, and the research community. Working together, the public and private sectors created the conditions for a startup culture unlike any other in the world.

Today, however, that culture of dynamism is at risk. The surveillance business model has eroded user trust to such a point that it is impeding our ability to innovate. (..)

Until recently, even people living in a police state could count on the fact that the authorities didn’t have enough equipment or manpower to observe everyone, everywhere, and so enjoyed more freedom from monitoring than we do living in a free society today.

A characteristic of this new world of ambient surveillance is that we cannot opt out of it, any more than we might opt out of automobile culture by refusing to drive. However sincere our commitment to walking, the world around us would still be a world built for cars. We would still have to contend with roads, traffic jams, air pollution, and run the risk of being hit by a bus.

Similarly, while it is possible in principle to throw one’s laptop into the sea and renounce all technology, it is no longer be possible to opt out of a surveillance society. (..)

Consumers will just as rightly point out that they never consented to be the subjects in an uncontrolled social experiment, that the companies engaged in reshaping our world have consistently refused to honestly discuss their business models or data collection practices, and that in a democratic society, profound social change requires consensus and accountability."
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6 hours ago by gohai
Hotel Review: El Rey Court, Santa Fe - The New York Times
Get your kicks — and your Instagram posts — at a refurbished motor court that opened in 1936 on a slice of Route 66. Nat King Cole sang a popular tune about getting one’s kicks on Route 66, but the archetypal highway sputtered to a crawl decades ago with the advent of the Interstate System. Hotel Review: El Rey Court, Santa Fe
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7 hours ago by Agiza
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10 hours ago by kuantingchen
GANSS高斯 ALT 61RGB雙模升級版60%迷你便攜式藍牙61鍵機械鍵盤
歡迎前來淘寶網實力旺鋪,選購GANSS高斯 ALT 61RGB雙模升級版60%迷你便攜式藍牙61鍵機械鍵盤,該商品由ganss數碼旗艦店店鋪提供,有問題可以直接諮詢商家
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11 hours ago by kuantingchen
A tier list I spent too much time on, based on how strong the units ACTUALLY are. : crash_fever
Youch, I can hear the tribe, cost, and type killers calling. What's this? Virus? Oh no~ Wait wth, why is omega suyang and omega Tao Wu screaming in the distance. DEAR LORD not the CP & ABILITY LOCK. Wait...w-what are you doing? Get that skill bind a…
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yesterday by kuantingchen
Subscribe to read | Financial Times
Gain a global perspective on the US and go beyond with curated news and analysis from 600 journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more. via Pocket
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yesterday by bgrasberger
New York to Tahiti (or Laos or Nairobi) Without Spending a Fortune - The New York Times
Some flights are trickier to book than others. For these, budget travelers need to go beyond the major search engines. New York to Tahiti (or Laos or Nairobi) Without Spending a Fortune
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yesterday by Agiza
Turo Valet and vehicle delivery services
Life is busy. Let Valet take care of the key handoff for you so you can accept more trips. Simply drop your car off at one of the Turo Valet lots, and let our attendants take care of the rest for a small fee. Accept more trips while eliminating drive time and coordination on your end. via Pocket
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yesterday by bgrasberger
sapereaude:這裡有臺大開放式課程的連結 → 臺大開放式課程 (NTU OpenCourseWare) 可就自己有興趣的領域/類別...
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yesterday by kuantingchen
Surviving the Existential Crisis of life as a product manager
I recommended “Surviving the Existential Crisis of life as a product manager” on @Medium
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yesterday by Dlecornu
Facebook Says It Is More Aggressively Enforcing Content Rules - The New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook, facing withering criticism from governments around the world, said Thursday that it had been more aggressive in recent months about scrubbing its platform of hate speech. Facebook Says It Is More Aggressively Enforcing Content Rules
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yesterday by Agiza
Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station / Solar Generator | Goal Zero / Goal Zero
Versatile powering options including: four USB ports, two AC outlets and 12V output. The Yeti 1000 Lithium is great for all your larger sized power needs or multiple smaller devices. via Pocket
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2 days ago by bgrasberger
早在去年底的时候,就有流传微软即将为Edge浏览器换用支持度更高的Chromium内核(Chrome开源版)并顺势发布MacOS版本,但之后便一直没了消息。直到月初的时候在微软Build 2019大会上,他们再次提到了这个事,然而还是没有公布具
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2 days ago by kuantingchen
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歐盟經濟和金融事務委員會會議 (Economic and Financial Affairs Council) 日前調整稅務不合作黑名單,其中台商投資架構著墨甚深的百慕達,已脫離黑名單,但仍在灰名單持續觀察;安侯建業聯合會計師事務所稅務投資部營運長張芷提醒
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3 days ago by kuantingchen
es geht nicht um #entweder #oder, sondern um #mensch und #technik sinnvoll verbinden #digitalpeoplemanagement #rc19
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3 days ago by itst

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