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Juanan Requena *
Juanan Requena is a creator, photographer & crafter currently based in Nauchipán, somewhere in Spain.

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Photography  Analog  experimental  Workshops  Education  pinhole 
february 2019 by abetancort
Karlos pinhole cameras | Hand crafted pinhole cameras
Handmade pinhole cameras made from quality kiln dried hardwood, created in small batches or as one offs. Karlos cameras are not mass produced, but are individually designed, therefore all Karlos cameras are unique and possess their own charm.
Karlos cameras come in 4X5 and 120 roll film formats and made to order with specific focal lengths.
pinhole  diy  CNC  Camera  Photography  makers 
november 2018 by abetancort
Capturing the Solar Analemma With Pinhole Photography
This Instructable is about capturing the figure eight shape traced by the sun in the sky over the course of a year. This is called the solar analemma. The figure...
analemma  pin  hole  pinhole  camera  diy 
may 2018 by davedmiller

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