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Keeping the U.S.-Indonesia Relationship Moving Forward
Feb 2018 CFR report
“The relationship between the United States and Indonesia has long underperformed its potential,” writes Joshua Kurlantzick, senior fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations in this Council Special Report. “Instead of seeking unlikely goals,” Kurlantzick argues, “the two nations should embrace a more transactional approach,” focusing on “three discrete security goals—increasing deterrence in the South China Sea, combating militants linked to the Islamic State, and fighting piracy and other transnational crime in Southeast Asia.”
cfr  indonesia  south_china_sea  terrorism  piracy 
yesterday by strohps
Flight Sim Company Embeds Malware to Steal Pirates' Passwords - TorrentFreak
Flight sim company FlightSimLabs has found itself in trouble after installing malware onto users' machines as an anti-piracy measure. Code embedded in its A320-X module contained a mechanism for detecting 'pirate' serial numbers distributed on The Pirate Bay, which then triggered a process through which the company stole usernames and passwords from users' web browsers.
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2 days ago by 0xroy
Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online - The Verge
Alexandra Elbakyan is plundering the academic publishing establishment
academia  piracy  science 
8 days ago by soobrosa
Download free music from huge library
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9 days ago by devolute
Piracy Can Help Music Sales of Many Artists, Research Shows - TorrentFreak
Based on the torrent tracker data, Lee finds that piracy can boost sales of mid-tier artists, both for physical CDs and digital downloads. For the most popular artists, this effect is reversed. In both cases, the impact is the largest for digital sales.
music  business  piracy  bittorrent 
10 days ago by pankkake
Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online - The Verge
"Taken together, universities’ subscriptions to academic journals often cost $500,000 to $2 million. Even Harvard said in 2012 that it couldn’t afford journals’ rising fees, citing, in particular, two publishers that had inflated their rates by 145 percent within six years. Germany’s University of Konstanz dropped its subscription to Elsevier’s journals in 2014, saying its prices had increased by 30 percent in five years.

The prices rise because a few top players have positioned themselves with the power to ratchet them up with impunity. Over half of all research, according to one study, is now published by the big five of academic publishing: Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and, depending on the metric, either the American Chemical Society or Sage Publishing. That’s a significant change from 1973, when only 20 percent of these kinds of papers were published by the big five. And that’s just for natural and medical science papers; the social sciences have it worse. In 1973, only one in 10 articles debuted in the big five’s pages; now it’s more than half. For some fields, such as psychology, 71 percent of all papers now go through these players."
publishing  academics  academic_publishing  piracy  mutual_aid  sci-hub 
13 days ago by perich
Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online - The Verge
In cramped quarters at Russia’s Higher School of Economics, shared by four students and a cat, sat a server with 13 hard drives. The server hosted Sci-Hub, a website with over 64 million academic papers available for free to anybody in the world.
academia  data  information  open  access  source  piracy  russia  sci-hub  stream 
15 days ago by therourke

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