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Former operator of Android app pirate site Applanet gets three years' probation • Android Police
Jason Hahn:
<p>Aaron Buckley, who was an enterprising 15-year-old when he launched Applanet from his parents' home in Mississippi, pleaded guilty to two counts of his indictment: conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement. The Northern District Court of Georgia announced on April 11th that Buckley, now in his mid-20s, will be placed under three years' probation and will also be put into a home-incarceration program for 365 days. He will also have to complete 20 hours of community service, work toward his GED, pay a $200 "special assessment" fee, and refrain from owning a firearm or possessing a controlled substance.

Buckley's attorney pushed for a lenient sentence from US District Judge Timothy Batten, framing Buckley's life since launching the site for pirated Android apps as one of community work and taking a leadership role in a support community for LGBT teenagers. He also spoke of unspecified difficulties in Buckley's personal life.

"I really respect the government and the judge in their sentencing and am extremely grateful that they took into account all concerns of my health and life situation in regards to possible sentences," Buckley told TorrentFreak.</p>

The tiny bit that struck my eye was the "refrain from owning a firearm". I don't see why operating an app pirating site would make you unsafe to own a gun. Would it?
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Terrarium TV APK Download Latest Version 1.9.5 (Android/PC/Firestick/Box)
Terrarium TV APK Download official link is provided with every technical detail you need before Installing on any devices such as Android Mobiles or Tablets, Android Box, Windows PC/Laptop, Fire TV or Firestick, and other Android-supporting devices.
android  app  kodi  movies  piracy  tv 
7 weeks ago by mtoley
What Happened After Three Developers Pirated Their Own Games | Kotaku Australia
In the end, said Holowaty, putting Shooting Stars on piracy sites did at least help his team evolve their anti-piracy tactics in future games like Framed 2, which automatically starts displaying ads if it detects that it hasn't been officially purchased. But beyond that, it was kind of a wash.
8 weeks ago by foliovision
Our apps are being pirated | Tunabelly Blog
Have a trial version available so it's easy for potential customers to give it a try. Most people will go this route as opposed to finding a pirated copy that may include all sorts of malware.
Treat your paying customers well. This includes support, adding requested features and listing to their complaints.
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8 weeks ago by foliovision

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