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Some Great Places to Visit in Cornwall - YouTube
Here are aerial photographs of some great places to visit in Cornwall using our drones. In our selection there are well know visitor magnets, along with some real gems you may not know about. Website: For more information about Cornwall visit our website page
Some  Great  Places  to  Visit  in  Cornwall 
5 days ago by droneservices
Nested hierarchical diagram of cities and towns in #Kyrgyzstan. (Is there a name for this kind of map?) Adapted from an uncredited illustration in "Архитектура Советской Киргизии," Moscow 1986. Many of the cities have since been renamed. #cartography via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  geo  history  places  visualization 
8 days ago by kintopp
Gaudir Més | Park Güell Barcelona
How to enter the park for free with the Gaudir Mes enrollment (sign up at the Ayuntamiento)
Barcelona  places  cheap 
12 days ago by atelathehun
init farmersmanual , the stu, ~1995
places  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by zzkt
projecten « Hic Sunt Leones beoogt tot een referentielijst te komen voor verdwenen bouwwerken. Het is een beetje uit ‘t oog, uit ‘t hart, met die verdwenen gebouwen – geen enkele ‘autorireit’ maakt zich er druk om, die zijn al druk genoeg met bestaande gebouwen. via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  geo  history  netherlands  places 
22 days ago by kintopp

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