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What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?
My friend June Thunderstorm and I once spent a half an hour sitting in a meadow by a mountain lake, watching an inchworm dangle from the top of a stalk of grass, twist about in every possible direction, and then leap to the next stalk and do the same thing.
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14 hours ago by therourke
Polivoks Analog Synthesizer Hands-On Demo – Synthtopia
This video takes a look at the Polivoks duophonic analog synthesizer, a vintage synth made in the USSR (1982-1990).
2 days ago by thx1138
PPG Infinite Pro Now Available For Mac & Windows – Synthtopia
"This has always been my dream. A system which can reproduce all kinds of sounds and transform them."
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2 days ago by thx1138

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