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Outerfocus is a fortnightly photography podcast that explores the idea of photography. Each episode is a discussion with a photographer and we search for the meaning behind the work, how they got started, who influenced them, and what drives them to continue. 
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Alternative 80s
Home for the best alternative music from the 80’s
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Sleepwalkers | Stuff Media
cooltools: A terrific podcast about Artificial Intelligence
I started listening to Sleepwalkers a couple of weeks ago. The hosts talk to software developers, ethicists, artists, doctors, military professionals, and other people who are creating, using, regulating, and thinking about AI and how it’s affecting every aspect of life on Earth. Instead of inviting guests into the studio, the hosts go into the field and talk to their guests where they live and work, which makes all the difference. — MF
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yesterday by markhurst
Why Generalists Beat Specialists | David Epstein
David Epstein is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Sports Gene and his new blockbuster book, Range, which makes a powerful, science-backed argument about success. Contrary to those who say “find your thing as early as possible, then focus on becoming the best at it,” it turns out those who succeed at the highest levels and stay there longest do not specialize early or become world-class experts in one narrow domain. They actually do the exact opposite. They stay generalists for as long as possible. Early specializers often rise fast, then burn out, leaving those playing a longer, more generalized game to eventually lap them, rise higher and stay successful longer. We dive into the eye-opening research, along with Epstein’s remarkable personal journey in today’s conversation.
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RT : CHC leader & professor Stephanie Bianco was the guest on the Teaching in ! Ste…
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