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Our favorite Podcast app for iPhone & iPad: Overcast — The Sweet Setup
Overcast is a simple podcast app with great features, an incredible UI, and frequent updates. Making it our favorite podcast app for iPhone & iPad
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yesterday by bonni208
Have We Hit Peak Podcast? - The New York Times
Ugh. Joe Rogan mention. One of many reasons people don't like this article.
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2 days ago by UltraNurd
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"Brothers and sisters, we deserve better than this, and those whom we write for
deserve better. This is not what we built the web for! For the first
time in human history, you can have anything you write read by millions
of people, whether within days or within hours, and all it takes is
talent, imagination and the discipline to put up something worth
reading. There are no obstacles anymore - so why must we create new
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4 days ago by nowthis
The contest is over but a great resource from ⁦

Teaching Podcasting: A Curriculum Guid…
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4 days ago by tolkien
The Easiest Way to Make Your Podcast
9 days ago by ggth

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