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The poetry of Samuel Swauger
Breakfast Poem

Why do you wake up so late in the morning,
only when rush-hour traffic has split the doves’
chatter to industrial screeching, and all I can
turn to is the rhythm of your heart?
poetry  food  relationship 
13 hours ago by alclaexman
A Whole Foods in Hawai‘i by Craig Santos Perez | Poetry Magazine
A Whole Foods in Hawai‘i
By Craig Santos Perez

I dreamed of you tonight, Wayne Kaumualii Westlake, as I walked down on the sidewalk under plumeria trees with a vog headache looking at the Māhealani moon.

In my need fo’ grindz, and hungry fo’ modernity, I stumbled into the gentrified lights of Whole Foods, dreaming of your manifestos!
What pineapples and what papayas! Busloads of tourists shopping at night! Bulk aisle full of hippies! Millennials in the kale! Settlers in the Kona coffee! And you, Richard Hamasaki, what were you doing kissing the ripe mangos?

I saw you, Wayne Kaumualii Westlake, broomless, ghostly janitor, sampling the poke in the seafood section and eyeing the smoked fish.
I heard you ask questions of each: Who butchered the mahimahi? What price opah belly? Are you my ‘aumakua?
I wandered in and out of the canned goods aisle following you, and followed in my imagination by Sir Spamalot.
In our bourgeois fancy we strolled through the cooked foods 
section tasting hand-churned cheese, possessing every imported delicacy, and whispering to the cashier, “Go fuck yourself.”

Where are we going, Wayne Kaumualii Westlake? The doors of perception close in an hour. Which way does your pakalōlō point 
(I touch your book and dream of our huaka‘i in Whole Foods and feel dādā.)
Will we sail all night through Honolulu streets? The coconut trees no have nuts, tarps up for the homeless, we’ll both be lonely.
Will we cruise witnessing the ruined empire of America, past pink mopeds in driveways, home to our overpriced apartments?
Ah, dear uncle, Buddhahead, ghostly poetry teacher, what Hawai‘i did you have when TheBus quit turning its wheels and you arrived in Waikīkī and stood watching the canoes disappear on the murky waters of the Ala Wai?
14 hours ago by lannamichaels
Katie Willingham: Two Poems
What we eat in my dreams

is always the forbidden: bread and more bread, a failure

of imagination. We are not calling it the long emergency,

but we are not not calling it that. Is this like the first silence
poetry  food  memory 
17 hours ago by alclaexman
Hazelton by Stroupe — (Apocalypse Again, by Rebecca Hazelton)
This is what happens/ to meek things when there is no future
19 hours ago by sequat
How to write urdu poetry
Urdu  poetry 
yesterday by asuhail
Saturnalia Books
In 2002, poet Henry Israeli wanted to provide an edgy alternative to traditional public narratives around poetry and visual art. Poets were pushing the boundaries of style and form, but they needed a publisher who was willing to balance the personal and political with the innovative and experimental.

Thus, Saturnalia Books was born.

Our mission is to publish poetry of high merit, by new and established writers and to encourage the publication of literature of a non-commercial and challenging nature.

Since the beginning, Saturnalia Books has been an important independent voice in the poetry world, typically publishing five books a year.

Through our annual contest, we discover new and mid-career authors from a diversity of perspectives and welcome them into the Saturnalia Books family. We do not accept unsolicited submissions and do not review submissions outside of our annual contest.
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yesterday by stjp
Folks on the , save the date for a / performance by the All Souls Twins (i…
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yesterday by uche
Paul Valéry
French Symbolist poet and writer; his museum appears in Mary Beard's BBC2 program Rome - the Ends of Empire
France  Italy  Roma  Sete  Museums  History  Literature  Poetry  Symbolists  Arts 
yesterday by dbourn
McDonald's is Impossible
Eating McDonald's is mathematically impossible.
2008  Poetry 
2 days ago by brittybyte

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