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Mtr became a private transportation tool for during protests. Photo from Avery Ng.
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yesterday by dalcrose
陈纯:举报、粉红狂潮,与体制外的极权主义|逃犯条例|深度|端传媒 Initium Media


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2 days ago by aries1988
Ring has given ‘active camera’ maps of its customers to police • VICE
Caroline Haskins:
<p>Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, has consistently told Motherboard and other reporters that it does not share maps showing the exact locations of camera-owners with police.

However, a <a href="">map published by The Guardian</a> last week reveals that Ring gave Georgia's Gwinnett County Police Department, located just northeast of Atlanta, an “active camera” map that shows hundreds of dots representing the locations of Ring owners in the region.

Now, emails and documents obtained from the police department by Motherboard provide additional context. The emails reveal that the image was one of two maps showing active Ring cameras in Gwinnett County. (One of the maps is slightly more zoomed-in than the other.)

The maps were provided several months before Ring donated 80 video doorbells to the county worth a total of $15,920, according to documents reviewed by Motherboard. The emails reviewed by Motherboard show the maps were shared with Gwinnett County in order to show that a Ring partnership would give them possible access to a large amount of data.

“Gwinnett County has an incredible amount of Ring devices and neighbors using the Ring app,” a Ring representative told Gwinnett County police. “At no cost, the portal can be an incredible asset to your agency Please let me know what you think.”</p>

I think it's the consumer-surveillance complex.
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7 days ago by charlesarthur
Prosecutors will not retry couple in protest shooting |
The King County prosecutor’s office will not seek a retrial against a couple accused in the shooting of an anti-fascist protester at the University of Washington in January 2017. [This AP story appeared in several local outlets]
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7 days ago by uwnews
Prosecutors won’t retry couple accused in shooting of antifa protester on UW campus during Milo Yiannopoulos event | The Seattle Times
The King County Prosecutor’s Office will not seek a retrial in the assault case against Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana, accused in the near-fatal shooting of an anti-fascist protester on the UW campus.
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7 days ago by uwnews
RT : More volleys of tear gas from the again, outside SOGO department store in Causeway Bay. Not immed…
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8 days ago by gaelicWizard
Press Photographers Association issued statement condemning for pepper spraying reporters when no…
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9 days ago by edsonm Watch Carnival Row - Season 1 | Prime Video
Season 1
**** (3,923)
With a serial killer loose on Carnival Row, and a government that turns a blind eye to the deaths of its lower class citizens, Rycroft Philostrate, a war-hardened investigator, is the only person willing to stop the murders and maintain the fragile peace. But when Vignette Stonemoss, a faerie refugee, turns up in the Burgue, she forces Philo to reckon with a past he's tried to forget.
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