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Alternatives to Police
The following is an in-process list of resources on alternatives to policing, which range from the theoretical to practical. It starts with a series of best practices and guiding questions I have developed in the last two years of nurturing this document in conversation with many people.
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1 hour ago by dbourn
Oakland: The New Gold Standard in Community Control of Police Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation
There is a new gold standard in the movement to require transparency and community engagement before local police departments are permitted to acquire or use surveillance technology. Oakland’s Surveillance and Community Safety ordinance builds upon the momentum of several cities and counties that have enacted laws to protect their residents from the unchecked proliferation of surveillance technology with the power to invade privacy and chill free speech.
Santa Clara County in Northern California passed the first ordinance of this type in 2016, putting into public view a range of surveillance equipment already in county law enforcement possession and requiring use policies, annual impact reports, and approval at a public hearing before agencies could acquire or use surveillance equipment. Since then, cities across the country, including Seattle, WA; Berkeley, CA; and Davis, CA; have expanded on this model. In addition to reports on the potential risks to civil liberties and privacy, required reporting includes an assessment of whether the surveillance technology’s use would impact or has resulted in a disparate impact on a particular segment of their community.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Met chief says budget cuts have contributed to rise in violent crime | UK news | The Guardian
Cressida Dick calls for extra 500 officers by end of next year as number falls below 30,000
UK  Crime  Austerity  Police 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
Yale student accused of 'napping while black' wants fellow student disciplined - CNN
> When Siyonbola asked police what the problem was, one officer said the white student "called us (and) said there's somebody who appeared they weren't ... where they were supposed to be."
> So Siyonbola unlocked her dorm-room door in front of police to show that she actually lived there, but they still asked for her ID. "You're in a Yale building, and we need to make sure that you belong here," the other officer told her.
> Siyonbola said she doesn't think officers would have interrogated her for so long if she were white.

Braasch probably would haven't even called the police if Siyonbola was white.
sara.braasch  racism  yale  police 
4 days ago by po
The Yale student interrogated for napping in a common room says: “Examine yourself for bias against black people” — Quartz
What happened to Siyonbola is indicative of a systemic problem in the US: White people consistently call the police on black people in the midst of accomplishing pretty mundane activities. “To anyone who thinks it’s ok to use the police force in this manner, examine yourself for bias against black people,” Siyonbola told me via email. “Question whether you would do that to someone white, and whether you would tolerate such treatment towards your loved ones.”
racism  police  privilege  yale  highered  sleep  contempt 
4 days ago by po

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