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The Wonk With the Ear of Chinese President Xi Jinping -
June 4, 2013 | WSJ | By JEREMY PAGE.
The Wonk With the Ear of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

One senior foreign diplomat described Mr. Wang as "Karl Rove and Henry Kissinger rolled into one" because of his influence on domestic and foreign policy. Other observers likened him more to a traditional Confucian scholar-official who dedicates his life to the emperor.

Mr. Wang's precise role in policy making is unclear. The Research Office has no website, spokesperson or even public telephone number, and attempts to reach Mr. Wang directly for comment weren't successful.

His expertise, experience and rising status in the party suggest he will play an important role in shaping China over the next decade, and possibly well beyond, according to party insiders, diplomats and analysts. He was promoted in November to the Politburo, making him a contender for a seat on its Standing Committee, the top decision-making body, in 2017. If current retirement norms endure, he would not have to step down until 2027.

Because of his background as a professor at Shanghai's Fudan University, where he headed the international politics department and was dean of the law school, he was expected by many observers to replace Dai Bingguo as the top foreign-policy official this year after a parliament meeting in March.

Instead, despite the biggest leadership shake-up in a decade, Mr. Wang remained head of the Research Office. Several friends said he had turned down a promotion, preferring to work behind the scenes.
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Three Questions From China's Bo Xilai Fiasco
April 17, 2012 | WSJ | By MINXIN PEI.
Three Questions From China's Bo Xilai Fiasco
Six of nine Politburo members paid homage to Chongqing, implicitly endorsing the now-discredited 'Chongqing Model.'
(1) How was an individual with such known flaws entrusted with so much power with so little constraint?
(2)How can it better manage competition for power at the top during succession?
(3)How can it better manage political crisis in the age of the Internet and microblogs?
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