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The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs
"Jordan Peterson’s popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape… "
book  review  political-correctness  reputation  public-intellectual 
2 days ago by tsuomela
Struggle session - Wikipedia
"[A] form of public humiliation and torture used by the Communist Party of China in the Mao Zedong era, particularly during the Cultural Revolution, to shape public opinion and to humiliate, persecute, or execute political rivals and class enemies."
5 days ago by mario.d
‘Bigot!’ They Cried, Yet Again | The American Conservative
"[T]hese events are really just liturgies meant to establish liberal moral hegemony over discourse. Orthodoxy is important to establish and to defend within religious institutions and communities, but it’s deadly to academia, journalism, and pluralistic democracy. Among other things, you make it too risky for people to tell you what you need to hear.

Honestly, I don’t understand why so many liberals are so fixated on anathematizing those who disagree with them. Could it be that they have made politics their religion? "
politics  political-correctness  race  culture-wars  culture 
6 weeks ago by mario.d
How is science like the military? They are politically extreme yet vital to the nation - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
Very interesting point that the liberalism of the professoriate is in the same cultural context as the conservatism of the military. Does anyone call for greater viewpoint diversity in the military?
academic  discipline  political-science  culture  military  liberal  conservative  diversity  ideology  political-correctness 
10 weeks ago by tsuomela

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