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The Lindsay Shepherd Affair: Update - YouTube
I'm sure many of you remember Lindsay Shepherd, the teaching assistant at Wilfred Laurier University who was subjected to an unwarranted inquisition after showing a video of me debating Nicholas Matte about Bill C16.
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3 days ago by kogakure
10 Things I wish I’d known About Gaslighting – Shea Emma Fett – Medium
How political correctness works:

In stage 1, you know that they are being ridiculous, but you argue anyways . . . over things that shouldn’t be up for debate — your feelings, your opinions, your experience of the world. You argue because you need to be right, you need to be understood, or you need to get their approval. In stage 1, you still believe yourself, but you also unwittingly put that belief up for debate.

In stage 2, you consider your gaslighter’s point of view first and try desperately to get them to see your point of view as well. You continue to engage because you are afraid of what their perspective of you says about you. Winning the argument now has one objective — proving that you are still good, kind, and worthwhile.

In stage 3, when you are hurt, you first ask “what’s wrong with me?” You consider their point of view as normal. You start to lose your ability to make your own judgements. You become consumed with understanding them and seeing their perspective. You live with and obsess over every criticism, trying to solve it.
6 days ago by geof
Jordan B Peterson: Fighting the Politically Correct Workplace - YouTube
Jordan Peterson explains how young people can challenge the "stupid, moronic, and pointless politically correct ideas" in the work environment...Ramble's Books to Read Before You Die, Part 1(August)1. "If you want to induce an existential crisis", click "If you want to e
jordan-peterson  political-correctness  video  youtube 
7 days ago by kogakure
The Power of the Powerless - Václav Havel
The greengrocer, under communism, who puts a sign in his store window: "Workers of the World Unite!"
political-correctness  politics  society 
17 days ago by mario.d
Julie Ann Horvath Describes Sexism And Intimidation Behind Her GitHub Exit | TechCrunch
The Secret post is what led Horvath to “speak up.” Instead of seeking attention, Horvath says she wants someone to be finally held accountable.
19 days ago by foliovision
The Shocking Truth About Jordan Peterson – Tablet Magazine
"Peterson is by temperament exactly the sort of person born to be a target for digi-journalists and social-media mobs. He has an absolutist commitment to speaking his own truth at all times regardless of the consequences. He has opinions that cut against the grain of some of our most ferociously policed orthodoxies. He often speaks in a rather involuted private jargon with little concern for general intelligibility, and lacks awareness of how he comes across. There is something laughably sophomoric about the unbounded scope of his 19th-century intellectual ambition. He speaks to journalists, even those who plainly have it in for him, in exactly the same forthright manner as he does anyone else—as if he is free to indulge any thought experiment or rhetorical gambit he likes with a willing and sympathetic interlocutor in pursuit of the truth. He has behaved abominably at times and refuses contrition or regret on principle. He is stubborn as hell."


"The Times profile was widely construed on social media to expose Peterson as a word-salad-generating pseudomystical obscurantist who “believes in witches” and also as a cartoon misogynist who supported the government-mandated assignment of wives to appease the murderous rage of the male supremacist subculture known as incels—Deepak Chopra meets The Handmaid’s Tale. How could such a depraved figure, attacking 'mainstream and liberal attempts to promote equality,' have ever become famous in the first place? That Peterson doesn’t actually hold the opinions ascribed to him doesn’t matter at all to the keepers of the social media consensus. They’ll just keep repeating false claims, based mainly on cherry-picked quote fragments and evidence-free assertions, until they harden into social fact, immune from correction or clarification."


"The Times piece brought to its conclusion a dialectic that has increasingly consumed the news media in the age of Twitter. A narrative generated on social media is fed back into the 'mainstream' press, and then in turn fed back into Twitter in the form of reporting that appears to confirm the pre-existing narrative. It acquires along the way the force of sanction, rewarding those who participate in the dissemination of the narrative, and punishing those who dissent from it in the form of mob-style attacks and ostracism. This machinery for the spontaneous coordination of orthodoxy exploits vulnerabilities in our evolved psychology. 'Confirmation bias' is the tendency to lower our threshold of proof for claims that conform to what we are already primed by habit, familiarity, and the desire to believe. 'The availability heuristic' is the tendency to mistake the vividness of an occurrence for its frequency. Use these quirks of the mind to feed the bias held by partisans that the only people that could possibly oppose them are knaves and fools, and you can gaslight even otherwise bright and skeptical people into accepting and repeating blatant falsehoods."


"And yet despite all these true facts about Jordan Peterson, and all he has done to feed the narrative—and all he has not done to distance himself adequately from it—the narrative itself is specious. It evaporates on contact with serious scrutiny. The Jordan Peterson story is in fact a picaresque comedy of errors."


"And here is the strange paradox and tension of our moment. A hyperbolic rhetoric of political purism nearly surreal in its intensity has not just captured our universities, but large segments of the popular press. Glamour magazine names Linda Sarsour to its Women of the Year list. runs a column claiming that 'powerful white men, however outfacing liberal or progressive they may appear, are the architects of structural racism and white supremacy in America.' And the New York Times laments, in the wake of a mass shooting, that the underlying cause of such extreme events is that 'boys are broken,' implying that the swamp that feeds such monstrous excrescences which must be drained—is masculine identity itself."


"These somewhat more carefully hedged modes of calling Peterson a racist succumb to a dangerous fallacy—that of equating criticism of any ideological innovation that purports to speak on behalf of minorities as itself racist."


"Moderation can, of course, be the wrong approach to any given problem and, like every other political temperament, it is susceptible to criticism. But one criticism it is not susceptible to is being a form of crypto-fascism, or covert anti-Semitism, or an attempt to 'justify class and gender hierarchies,' when it plainly is none of those things. His goal appears to be to advance the cause of progress while taking care to preserve what is functional in our systems, whose capacity to sustain nation states of hundreds of millions of people in conditions of relative peace and prosperity he would like all of us to acknowledge. His own personal conservatism might lead him to strike the balance between equality and freedom at a different place than would an egalitarian liberal or leftist: But it’s the idea that there is a balance that needs to be struck that has come under assault."


"Jordan Peterson may have already allowed himself to become too immured in the fractiousness of our time to be the figure whose intervention breaks the fever. He is a messenger whose immoderate personal conduct has worked at cross purposes to the essential moderation of his message. While his own personal following is likely to grow unabated, continuing to enrich him, the progressive consensus has immunized itself against his message—one that is fundamentally correct on certain crucial aspects of the conundrum we face—with an assist from Peterson’s own immodest tongue. Left activists in Portland propose deplatforming him from the venue where he is scheduled to speak, an ominous portent of a cascade of escalation that could well culminate in violence. We should nonetheless not let the histrionics in which he is surrounded—those created by himself and others—obscure the fact that it is Peterson who is the moderate and the keepers of the ostensibly 'mainstream' opinion that condemns him that have latched on to extreme doctrines. There are a great many things that the progressive consensus should stop gaslighting itself into believing. That Jordan Peterson is a dangerous far-right radical—and that they are the guardians of all that is good and just—is far from the least of them."
jordan-peterson  tablet  wesley-yang  deplatforming  political-correctness  identity-politics  racism  politics  equality  freedom  moderation  social-justice 
24 days ago by actualitems
Alt-Right YouTube Stars Stop Pretending, Give Full-Throated Endorsements Of Ethno-Nationalism | Right Wing Watch
In the Red Ice video, titled “Dear Cucks, Only One Kind of Nationalism Will Save the West,” Goldy, Rose and Lokteff delivered glowing endorsements of ethno-nationalism and praised the “good trend” among fellow YouTube personalities such as Stefan Molyneux and Rebecca Hargraves (known online as “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”) of recognizing that “demographics is everything” and for having left behind “civic nationalism” in favor of white supremacist ethno-nationalism.
political-correctness  racism 
26 days ago by foliovision
Faith Goldy Recites The '14 Words' | Right Wing Watch
“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” Goldy said. “Is that controversial, though? I don’t see that that’s controversial. Is that bad? I think it’s controversial to say the opposite. I think it’s controversial to say we must not secure our future and we must not secure the existence. Like, what?”
racism  political-correctness 
26 days ago by foliovision
Can Things Be Both Popular And Silenced? | Slate Star Codex
"In my own experience, my blog posts promoting orthodox opinions are generally ignored; my blog posts promoting controversial opinions go viral and win me lots of praise. I assume this is because my orthodox blog posts are trying to outcompete the people at Vox (highly-polished, Ivy-League-educated mutants grown in vats by a DARPA project to engineer the perfect thinkpiece writer), and my controversial blog posts are trying to outcompete three randos with blogs that consistently confuse 'there' and 'their'. Winning one competition is much easier than winning the other – and the prize for winning either is 'the attention of about 50% of the population'."
scott-alexander  slatestarcodex  idw  politics  political-correctness  outsider  opinion 
4 weeks ago by actualitems

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