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McConnell Blames Entitlements, Not GOP, for Rising Deficits
McConnel says that it's impossible to balance the budget with a one-party government!
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2 hours ago by darkwater
dsc_0426_0.jpg (JPEG Image, 3670 × 2766 pixels) - Scaled (24%)
III percenter miltia[man]? with (1) b/w US flag w/ blue line, iii percenter "defenders", and red on black Jerusalem crosses patches
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3 hours ago by bennylope
Bob Woodward's 'Fear' Missed What Matters About Trump - The Atlantic
"Fear made headlines with its revelations of anti-Trump grumblings by senior officials within Trump’s own White House. But it’s better understood as a work that originated as a pro-Trump book—and despite its spectacular anecdotes, as a book whose pro-Trump bias still provides its architecture and rationale."
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3 hours ago by pacpost

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