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Nobody Speak
DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels
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23 hours ago by seandanaher
NYTimes: The Democrats’ Religion Problem
"To do the same, secular Democrats need to study the religious language of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They need to take the time to learn the religious values of their audience. They need to be honest about their own secularity, but acknowledge their debt to the religious traditions that have shaped their progressive ideology.

Only through a willingness to ground their policy proposals in the religious values of prospective voters will they be able to convince people of faith that they are not a threat to their values but are instead an ally in a common cause."
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yesterday by alexpriest
NYTimes: How Twitter Pornified Politics
This is excellent.

"No discussion of the evils of Twitter would be complete without trying to understand the 45th president’s fondness for it. It should be no surprise that he’s a keen user, since it’s the reptilian medium for the reptilian brain.

But it’s also ideally suited for his style of crowd politics: unmediated, blunt and burst-like. It’s how he escapes the softening influence of his advisers and speechwriters. It’s how he maintains the aura of charismatic authenticity that is the prerequisite of populist politics. It’s how he pretends to mingle with his followers while increasing his distance from them. Juan Perón would have loved Twitter.

Politics, like eros, can open the way to the elevation of our souls. Or it can do the opposite. Time for people who care about politics and souls to get off Twitter."
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yesterday by alexpriest
Before and After ‘OK Computer’
Listen to the sound of rock being deprogrammed.
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yesterday by jacobraleigh
Voter suppression
Argument that the election integrity commission should focus on a real issue and not something made up like voter fraud
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yesterday by nelson

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