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Will UK house prices ever rise again? | Financial Times
Will UK house prices ever rise again? Merryn Somerset-Webb
The recent gains (1950-2000) could turn out to be a huge historical anomaly - quotes a Deutsche Bank report examining house prices in the longer term taking factors such as population trends into account (not publicly available sadly) ..
housing  inflation  population 
2 days ago by spencertree
A project to analyze demographic data to tell a story about California Housing supply relative to population. Data obtained from here:

View the combined data in the combined-data.csv file. There are also some files called ranked-* that help quickly compare certain metrics of cities and counties across the state. The ranked-most-recent-year.csv includes stats comparing population and housing growth for just the past year while ranked-1990...
github  california  population  housing  data 
5 days ago by azadag
Human Terrain
Visualizing the World’s Population, in 3D
visualization  graphics  population  map  dataviz  naturesca  link 
5 days ago by theafter
See also original publication by C. Posth et al., "Reconstructing the Deep of Central and Sout…
History  Population  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by moresby
Famines are becoming more frequent in the Sahel - Hunger in Africa
Climate change, advancing deserts and low-tech farming all play a part
africa  food  population  climate  change 
10 days ago by soobrosa
BBC - Future - Should we really all fly less?
"Social scientists have found that when one person makes a sustainability-oriented decision, other people do too.

Here are four examples:

Patrons at a US cafe who were told that 30% of Americans had started eating less meat were twice as likely to order a meatless lunch.
An online survey showed that of the respondents who know someone who had given up flying because of climate change, half of them said they flew less as a result.
In California, households were more likely to install solar panels in neighbourhoods that already have them.
Community organisers trying to get people to install solar panels were 62% more successful in their efforts if they had panels in their house too."

An article in mainstream press that mentions having less children as an option. Notable indeed. They list it as #8 for some reason but still a big change from a few years ago
advice  people  future  sustainability  less  population  crisis  climate 
11 days ago by ssam
NHS prevention plan aims to boost life expectancy - BBC News
good that Tories have cut public health (prevention) spending.
UK  public  health  prevention  NHS  chronic  sick  population 
12 days ago by asterisk2a
Migration Studies | Oxford Academic
Migration Studies is an international refereed journal dedicated to advancing scholarly understanding of the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration in all its manifestations …
publishing  magazine  government  politics  society  demography  migration  population  statistics  journal  research  university  oxford 
13 days ago by asaltydog

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