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From Dead Store to Pop-Up 'Social Infrastructure' (CityLab, 9/10/2019)
A Boston nonprofit called CultureHouse is demonstrating how empty storefronts can be transformed into instant “social infrastructure.”
culturehouse  boston  popup  communityspace  cambridge  aarongreiner 
5 weeks ago by davidkoren
怎样更好设计模态弹窗和非模态弹窗 | 设计达人
10 weeks ago by Shan_coral
The Museum of Future Experiences offers a spooky, surreal take on VR | TechCrunch
But it’s not just about the VR — the design of the space and the interaction with the guides is part of what made my visit so memorable. Askaryan said he wanted to “incorporate elements of immersive theater,” while also creating a “white glove” experience, where staff members are helping you at every step: “I want it to be magical and really special … That’s separate from a cool technology demo.”
vr  popup 
10 weeks ago by stacker
Join us this Saturday 1-6pm at our w sud at Maria Hernandez Park in ! We’ll have a story…
Bushwick  popup  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by latona
On-Site Messages & Exit-Intent Popups for eCommerce - OptiMonk
OptiMonk is an award-winning on-site message toolkit for eCommerce that helps small and medium-sized businesses turn their visitors into sales and leads.
exit  popup  pop  up  traffic  conversion 
july 2019 by kpieper876
Black Series Camper | Travel Trailers | Pop Up Campers
"With over 10 years of trailers manufacturing, real-life testing, and in-house research & development, we have produced over 30,000 Black Series camper trailers roaming in Australia. Now, we are excited to introduce the Black Series range of travel trailers and pop up campers in US. We are RVIA members. Our goal is to provide America with our most valued and intelligently designed off-road trailers."
tt  traveltrailer  camper  popup  diigo 
june 2019 by doglord

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