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How to Spend a Weekend in Porto
Take a look at some of these can't-miss experiences while exploring Porto! 🥂
Portugal  Porto  Europe  travel  AESU  world-travel 
9 days ago by Adventure_Web
Not in our backyard: Portuguese villagers raise a stink over trash landfill - Reuters
“The country has to think whether it wants this type of business, whether it wants to be seen as Europe’s rubbish dump,”
portugal  environment  politics  waste 
21 days ago by hthief
The Lisbon lament | Matthew Engel
Once a backward country in the grip of a grim dictatorship, Portugal has become a hot spot for tech migrants, surfers, foodies and yoga gurus, with a popular socialist prime minister.
22nd  january  2020  matthew  engel  portugal  politics  travel 
28 days ago by pnjman
Funicular dos Guindais (1891-1893 and since 2003) 🇵🇹 🚞
oporto  Portugal  Porto  Guindais  funicular  from twitter_favs
29 days ago by aslakr
Coro Sinfónico Inês de Castro - Photos
Glória à Vida - Concerto de Natal 8 dez 2019AlbumsGlória à Vida - Concerto de Natal 8 dez 2019
55 Photos · Updated 21 days ago
Fotografias de Sandra Fonseca e Catarina Gralheiro
Christmas concert "Glory to life"
Organization: University of coimbra and symphony choir inês de Castro
Participating Choirs: Inês De Castro's symphony choir, coimbra academic orfeon, mixed choir of the university of coimbra, choir of the chapel of the university
Soloists: Leonor Barbosa De Melo, Joana Valente, Leonor Blackthorn, André Lacerda, João Henriques
Inês De Castro Orchestra
Direction: Maestro Artur Pine Maria
music  portugal  traje  uniform  university  bowtie  chorus  concert  photography  facebook  coimbra 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194

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